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  1. The swimming competition has finally begun.
  2. Forgive them for they know not what they do.
  3. The Games website has been practically inaccessible the whole day. And a complete list of results are hard to come by.
  4. They included Arnis with 20 events and Dance Sport with 13 events so that the host country can jack up their medal haul. It’s the usual trick the host country pulls at the Southeast Asian Games.
  5. The Philippines win their first medals of the Games with a 1-2 finish in the men’s triathlon.
  6. Actually PTV not winning the rights here wasn’t a big deal. They haven’t really covered sports in recent years and there’s nothing worth watching on that channel anyway except for the daily lottery draws. We’ll probably be able to watch the Games here on four sports channels - two belonging to TV5 and two belonging to ABS-CBN
  7. These Games will really be a disaster if the President comes late to the opening ceremonies and/or delivers a rambling speech to the athletes before he declares the Games open.
  8. I watched the live swimming competitions at the last two Southeast Asian Games on a Singapore Youtube channel. Don't know if it will still be available this year
  9. The Games are being broadcast on all our major TV channels. For maximum exposure I guess
  10. And the Philippines will win their first medal in men’s water polo since 2011. If they defeat Malaysia on the last day of competition, they’ll win the silver medal ahead of Singapore
  11. I don't think they sold a lot of tickets. So there aren't going to be a lot of angry people. But you have to feel for the fans who made an effort to buy tickets. They were told to consider the money they paid as a "contribution"
  12. Tickets for the majority of the 56 sports at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games will now be free for the public. The exception is in the sports of basketball, football and volleyball when the Philippine team is playing. People who have bought tickets earlier to the other 53 sports will not be reimbursed. Upon Duterte’s orders, SEA Games tickets now free to the public You have to feel sorry for the people who bought tickets early. They got screwed.
  13. Agree. For me, the problem lies with the organizing committee being headed by a politician looking to use it as a springboard to further his political ambitions. What makes things worse is the committee's failure to seek advice from the people who worked on the Games the last time they were held in the country in 2005. They also refused to seek assistance from other government departments or the public sector.
  14. I wasn't sure about this yesterday but this news article confirms that Singapore's loss to Indonesia in men's water polo yesterday was their first ever defeat in the event at the Southeast Asian Games. Water polo: Singapore men's team suffers first loss in SEA Games history in Indonesia defeat - CNA
  15. Singapore's men's water polo team lost to Indonesia 7-5 earlier today. Their winning streak of 27 consecutive titles in the sport dating back to 1965 looks set to end tomorrow the 29th. SEA Games: Champions since 1965, Singapore's water polo team in danger of losing gold, Sport News & Top Stories - The Straits Times
  16. Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand pushed for cricket's inclusion but got turned down. Maybe the Philippine Olympic Committee just didn't think it worthwhile to include the sport
  17. The Philippines shouldn't have a problem hosting the Games again. The selection of the host is rotated among the 11 participating NOCs so the Philippines will play host again in 14-16 years time
  18. Thanks. Makes following the Games a lot easier
  19. Thanks. I didn't see it the last time. Maybe I was trying to find the results on the official site.
  20. There is a results page but there's nothing on it. Not even the results of today's polo matches
  21. ?? vs ?? for third place and second Asian spot to the Olympic qualifying tournament
  22. I was hoping ATOS would handle the results system as they were one of the first batch of sponsors for this year’s Games. But then, the organisers decided to rebid the contract for technical services in August. So we ended up with the same group from two years ago
  23. Thanks. If I'm not mistaken, it's the same results system they've been using since 2009 (with the exception of 2015 when the Singaporeans used ATOS). And I'm afraid I'm not too excited for these Games. Too many sports and too many events for me.
  24. Hello. I'm new here. How did you find the results system? I can't access it through the SEA Games homepage. Thanks
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