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  1. Summary of ski mountaineering quotas: 2+2 quotas: 1+1 quota:
  2. [hide] Preliminary RoundApril 4th - April 9th, 201910 Nations, 2 Groups, all five Teams from Group A and 1st, 2nd and 3rd Teams from Group B will qualify for Quarterfinals Group A Date & Time (GMT +3) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 April 4th 2019, h. 16:00 Switzerland 5 Canada April 4th 2019, h. 19:30 Finland 1 United States April 5th 2019, h. 19:30 Russia 4 Switzerland April 6th 2019, h. 16:00 Russia 1 Finland April 6th 2019, h. 19:30 United States 1 Canada April 7th 2019, h. 19:30 Switzerland 2 United States April 8th 2019, h. 16:00 Finland 3 Switzerland April 8th 2019, h. 19:30 Canada 2 Russia April 9th 2019, h. 16:00 United States 1 Russia April 9th 2019, h. 19:30 Canada 1 Finland Group B Date & Time (GMT +3) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 April 4th 2019, h. 12:30 Germany 4 Sweden April 4th 2019, h. 18:00 France 2 Japan April 5th 2019, h. 16:00 Czech Republic 3 France April 6th 2019, h. 12:30 Sweden 2 Czech Republic April 6th 2019, h. 18:00 Japan 3 Germany April 7th 2019, h. 16:00 France 5 Sweden April 8th 2019, h. 12:30 Japan 6 Czech Republic April 8th 2019, h. 18:00 Germany 2 France April 9th 2019, h. 12:30 Sweden 4 Japan April 9th 2019, h. 18:00 Czech Republic 3 Germany [/hide]
  3. The Doha World Cup isn't all-around, every apparatus is a single event.
  4. Full quota list for curling: Host: World Junior Championships Ranking - North America: World Junior Championships Ranking - South America: World Junior Championships Ranking - Asia: World Junior Championships Ranking - Oceania: WOrld Junior Championships Ranking - Europe: (aka ) World Junior Ranking (women, men, women, men...):
  5. As far as I remember Stella Heiß was 16 when she won the European Champion title with Andrea Schöpp team in 2009.
  6. Correction in live score... that's a good thing, but the need to make this correction is a bad thing.
  7. Why? They don't have woman qualified in single trap so far.
  8. Am I counting it right that and are fighting for mixed trap quota too?
  9. So who gets the quota? Willett has already won one, so this should be next two, but they're all tied with zero in final.
  10. I meant yesterday. Nothing from today's final.
  11. I'ḿ sure I saw after 12 or 13 shots, but I don't know if it was live updated or just because that was the moment I entered.
  12. Just to mention - the competition was tetrathlon, with no horse riding, so to compare with World Cup you should add between 250 and 300 points.
  13. Quite close to TOP10, but I have my own little win - the National Champion Of course, congratulations to medallists @Werloc @SteveParker and @Kirkpatrick
  14. I see that my 4 points for Wierer, my only points for today (I typed bronze for Hojnisz, damn, that girl was so near before last shooting), might give me some good finish and maybe TOP10.
  15. She lost the Scottish Championships final. Firstly she was nominated to start in Worlds as the Team Jackson was planned to be sent to Krasnoyarsk for Universiade, but after the decision was announced it became quite a scandal and Scottish Federation changed it for it should be this way.
  16. Maybe it's some misunderstanding between CAHB and IHF as African Champs are qualification to OQT, thus the part of the qualification system.
  17. Tomorrow about 11:30 CET as far as I remember.
  18. I guess there are only 3s or 2s for Tarjei and/or 1s for Peiffer or Tarjei.
  19. I find the mobile version quite good. The only thing I'd add are push notifications. I see that very few users use the "follow" option, but maybe with push notifications it would be used more often.
  20. I have flashbacks from Drzonków - it's always played after award ceremonies in modern pentathlon competitions there. Just to remind - the song is nothing about sport, it's a divorce song.
  21. It's in the media corner of Tokyo 2020 but doesn't apply to media only.
  22. According to guide for usage of the pictograms: Baseball should be used while joining Baseball and Softball (which is not the case of Totallympics) BMX Racing should be used while joining BMX Freestyle and Racing Kumite should be used while joining both Karate Jumping should be used while joining all three Equestrian disciplines So @Sindo had his own idea and he did it according to the guide without knowing it
  23. Thanks! Now I see that they don't have torsos. Still not a bad ones.
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