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    " The Organising Committee, POCOG, has a bigger focus on gender equality and has decided the Women’s Curling and Cross Country events will be decided on the final day of competition. Previously, the Men’s events held sway on the final day of both the Winter and Summer Games." http://pyeongchang2018.olympics.com.au/news/women-in-prime-time-in-pyeongchang-in-2018
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    Ok I'll pick and First I'll post the 'neighbor song' NYX15 - Matawen It's in Tetum (East Timorese language) so I've no idea what they're singing, but it is very good
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    Rwanda Traditional - Cyprien Rugamba (Imirindi) Afrobeat - Kamichi (Zoubeda)
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    2nd November 2017 - Day 2 Today Route Jeju International Airport → Halladaehakro-Jeju Stadium → Jeju Culture and Art Center → Gomaro → Tapdong Square Celebrations Welcome the arrival of the Olympic flame in Jeju through extravagant festivals at Tapdong Beach Theater, the center of Jeju citizens’ culture celebrations.
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    1 November 2017 - Day 1 Today Route Incheon Bridge - Songdo International Business District - Pentaport Park Celebrations A grand festival celebrating the Olympic flame's arrival and first settlement in the host nation takes place in Pentaport Park, Incheon, the city of cultural festivals.
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    From tomorrow the Pyeongchang 2018 organization will streaming all the torch relay!