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  1. Love
    RiderJake reacted to Nickyc707 in Rowing FISA World Championships 2022   
    Laurie Mains and other senior AB officials claimed the players had been poisoned by Suzie the waitress prior to their defeat in the RWC final. Turns out Suzie never existed.

  2. Love
    RiderJake reacted to hckošice in Football 2022 Discussion Thread   
    Sure, true. We´ll see tonight against what the new Italian cook will serve us for dinner, one thing is certain it can be hardly worse than what we showed under his predecessor
  3. Haha
    RiderJake got a reaction from hckošice in Football 2022 Discussion Thread   
    There's a saying: Whatever you call a boat, that's how it sails.
    In our case, they will fly like falcons
  4. Love
    RiderJake reacted to Olympian1010 in Totallympics Introduction Thread   
    I wanted to extend a formal Totallympics welcome to @RiderJake 
    Hope to see you around the forum!
  5. Love
    RiderJake reacted to Sindo in Totallympics Announcements Thread   
    That's because the Ireland page has been customised by @OlympicIRL . He started from the normal Qualification Tracker and then added some features, changed the colors etc. I think it's normal that working only on one nation you can add more details, @Matej is dealing with 200 nations
    Welcome to Totallympics by the way!
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