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    Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2013 Charter and Official Rulebook

    • A User may nominate any Artist to represent their country providing that the Artist is either born in that country or has more association with that country than their place of birth.
    • A Band consisting of members from different countries may be chosen to represent a Country if at least 50% of the band was born in that Country or if that band has more association with that Country than another.
    • Songs must be original to the Artist selected or at least original to that country.
    • Songs which competed at the Eurovision Song Contest are excluded from this competition.
    • If two or more Users from the same Country disagree about which Song should represent them then they will have to find a compromise or failing such compromise, a Random Draw will be conducted to decide which of those Songs will represent their Country in the Contest.
    • Only users from a particular country can choose a song to represent that country.
    • Users can use any National Selection process they wish in order to find a representative.
    • Songs will be Automatically Disqualified from the Final if a User from that Country does not participate in the Final Voting Process. This is to ensure that as much fairness can be attached to the Contest as possible and each country has an equal chance.
    • If in the unlikely event that more than 25 countries will participate in the Contest, then a Semi-Final(s) will take place to ensure that only 25 Songs are represented in the Final.
    • Voting will follow the same format as that used in the Eurovision Song Contest.

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