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  1. Turan is huge talant. It was just a bad luck that he didnt beat Magsoudi in Junior semis. Not the best example you brought up.
  2. No, I mean link in Persian. Does it say when, what style and what age group competition it will be?
  3. does it say when its going to be held? because on photo it says 28-30 november, however google translate says december 7
  4. Hi MHSN, can you please translate this news by iranian wrestling federation.رقابت-های-بین-المللی-جام- -.aspx
  5. No its not Murad Gaydarov, it is his brother Gaydar Gaydarov, former coach of Dagestan national team.
  6. I see. However from what i know, when iran hosts scoolbooys, cadet and junior competitions, Iranian federation pays for the tickets and accomodation. At least its the way how it works with Azerbaijan and its really good for us, due to the fact that our federation is also in crisis.
  7. Agree 100%. I dont get the seeding structure at all. UWW must find some other way to seed top wrestlers. This one has 0 effectivness.
  8. Freestyle team is weak. From what i know Iran has huge financial problems which is affecting financing wrestling as well. November according to UWW calendar Iran is going to host U-15, cadet and junior international tournaments. Do you think there is a possibility they can be cancelled?
  9. MHSN, who is wrestling for Iran in Budapest? I heard about Magsoudi at 65, which is quite shocking
  10. Freestyle - Edisherashvili 57, Ibragimov 61, H. Aliyev 65, Gajiyev 70, Abakarov 74, J. Hasanov 79, M. Suleymanov 86, Sharifov 92, Alborov 97, Magomedov 125 ; Women - Stadnik 50, Dorogan 53, Kolesnik 57, Omelyanchenko 59, Gambarova 62, Netreba 65, Manolova 68, Aliyeva 76 ; GR - Azizli 55, M. Mammadov 60, Т. Mammadov 63, К. Mammadov 67, Chunayev 72, Mursaliyev 77, Huseynov 82, Abbasov 87, Nuriyev 98, Shariati 130.
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