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  • Team - Open

    45 /45

    qualified athletes

    15 /15

    qualified NPCs


    Host Country 1 :FRA France

    Aug 9 - Aug 14, 2022

    FEI World Championships 2022

    :DEN Herning

    7 :NED Netherlands
    :DEN Denmark
    :USA United States
    :GBR Great Britain
    :BEL Belgium
    :GER Germany
    :ITA Italy

    Sep 5 - Sep 9, 2023

    FEI Para Dressage European Championships 2023

    :GER Riesenbeck

    1 :SWE Sweden

    Dec 31, 2023

    FEI Para Dressage Paralympic Team Ranking

    Americas 1 :CAN Canada
    Asia 1 :SGP Singapore
    Oceania 1 :AUS Australia
    Overall 2 :AUT Austria
    :NOR Norway
    Reallocation 1 :IRL Ireland

    :AUS AUS 3 X X X
    :AUT AUT 3 X X X
    :BEL BEL 3 X X X
    :CAN CAN 3 X X X

    :DEN DEN

    3 X X X
    :FRA FRA 3 X X X

    :GER GER

    3 X X X
    :GBR GBR 3 X X X
    :IRL IRL 3 X X X
    :ITA ITA 3 X X X
    :NED NED 3 X X X
    :NOR NOR 3 X X X
    :SGP SGP 3 X X X

    :SWE SWE

    3 X X X

    :USA USA

    3 X X X

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