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[OFF TOPIC] Totallympics Vote for Eurovision Song Contest 2018


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Totallympics Vote for Eurovision Song Contest 2018


Podobny obraz




Simply pick your TOP 10 songs from the 43 participating nations and award point like so:


12 - :WHT TBD

10 - :WHT TBD

8 - :WHT TBD

7 - :WHT TBD

6 - :WHT TBD

5 - :WHT TBD

4 - :WHT TBD

3 - :WHT TBD

2 - :WHT TBD

1 - :WHT TBD


I will update the scoreboard after the Grand Final (May 12th) and we will see over time who the users of Totallympics thinks deserves the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 crown. You can't vote for your own country. Let's start the voting!


A brief recap of all the songs is available below along with a link to a playlist with all 43 songs in full, should you wish to take a listen!



Full Playlist

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I thought about doing this, but I wanted to do the semi-finals separately prior to that, especially since the 1st semi-final is considered the final of this year. :p


12 points - :IRL

10 points - :BUL

8 points - :SWE

7 points - :GER

6 points - :CZE

5 points - :POR

4 points - :ESP

3 points - :AUT

2 points - :LAT

1 point - :CRO


and Croatia just barely edged out Australia during the rehearsals for me, although I still love Ukraine, France, starting to warm up to Albania.

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