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Poll 63/100  

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  1. 1. Which of the following statements would be true?

    • A former olympic champion, who is not currently a defending one, will become champion again in Tokyo 2020 in individual event
    • Two or more nations will be represented in all four slalom canoeing finals
    • Slovakia will fail to win a medal in canoeing
    • There will be a crash (between two or more riders) in either the Men's or Women's Final in BMX
    • Algeria will fail to win a Olympic medal
    • Cyprus will win at least 1 medal

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my picks...


1, 4 & 5


2 & 6 are likely to happen, but I'm not sure about it at 100% (there are only very few shots, they might miss out as well as get it)...therefore, I don't pick them for the poll's purpose...


3 is almost impossible to me, I'd be shocked if it really happens...

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