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Judo EJU European Championships 2018


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results so far...


Men's -60kg Semifinals:

Yanislav Gerchev (BUL) vs Artem Lesyuk (UKR)

Amiran Papinashvili (GEO) vs Islam Yashuev (RUS)


Men's -66kg Semifinals:

Matteo Medves (ITA) vs Marko Gusic (MNE)

Adrian Gomboc (SLO) vs Orkhan Safarov (AZE)


Women's -48kg Semifinals:

Irina Dolgova (RUS) vs Melanie Clement (FRA)

Milica Nikolic (SRB) vs Eva Csernoviczki (HUN)


Women's -52kg Semifinals:

Natalia Kuziutina (RUS) vs Evelyne Tschopp (SUI)

Irem Korkmaz (TUR) vs Distria Krasniqi (KOS)


Women's -57kg:

Sarah Leonie Cysique (FRA) vs Theresa Stoll (GER)

Anastasiia Konkina (RUS) vs Nora Gjakova (KOS)

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first Gold goes to Russia, with Dolgova, who beat Csernoviczki in the women's -48kg final...


the other deciders are Gerchev vs Yashuev (men's -60kg), Medves vs Gomboc (men's -66kg), Kuziutina vs Krasniqi (women's -52kg) and Gjakova vs Stoll (women's -57kg)...


Kosovo on fire, with 2 girls on the "big" finals (however, Russia still on top of the rankings, with 3 finalists...and 1 already won it)...

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