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Men's Rugby Sevens WR Final Olympic Games Qualification Tournament 2021

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This is huge for Irish rugby sevens! Wow! I can’t believe it! We are going to the Olympics, yesssss

Congrats to Ireland for the upset and Olympic quota. A much needed upset for a sport which has been mostly predictable so far in regards to Olympic qualifiers. 

5 hours ago, dcro said:

I called it as soon as Samoa failed to make Rio. They will never qualify.


Big nations have only started investing this, and this time Samoa wasn't even in the same league...

One of the problems for the Pacific island nations is that their players are spread around the world playing their rugby in the professional leagues of other countries. It isn't easy to build a top 7s side if you can't even get your best players together. You cannot blame the players as they have to earn a living but it does make it tough if not impossible for their national teams. Samoa is probably the biggest loser in this regard.


Well done to :IRL by the way!!

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For those who don’t know the IRFU (Irish rugby federation) abandoned sevens for years. They put zero money into it and would not allow any of the professional players (those who play for the 4 provincial/professional teams) to play for the sevens team. In the top 2 tiers of international rugby, Ireland was the only one not to compete at the world sevens level


So for this group of players, many of whom have been on the sevens team for years, to overcome that is huge. 

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