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Women's Handball EHF European Championship 2022


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Without any surprise, Italy was eliminated in the 1st phase.

Honestly I expected a lost against Greece but I was really disappointed about ITA v. BIH match, it was a complete disaster, our shoot percents was embarrassing, our tactics was even worst. 

So, as usually, one step ahead and three behind. 

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Draw for the Women's European Championships 2022:


Groep A (Ljubljana): Noorwegen, Hongarije, Kroatië , Zwitserland. 
Groep B (Celje): Denemarken, Zweden, Slovenië, Servië.
Groep C (Skopje): Frankrijk, Nederland, Noord-Macedonië, Roemenië.
Groep D (Podgorica): Polen, Montenegro, Duitsland, Spanje.


Very balanced draw. The ECh are an important tournament for the Olympic qualification. Winners will qualify for Paris, other countries may qualify for one of the three qualification tournaments (depending the results of 2023 World Championships). 

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