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Poll 51/100 | Your personal Top 3


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1.Which are the 3 events ( team or individual sports) you are looking forward to watch the most? 


2.If you were asked to support 3 other nations at the Olympics apart from your own, what would they be? 


3.Who are your 3 favourite all time Olympians? 

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1) too close to call and with too many factors that might influence my choice...

however, just to pick my top 3: Fencing first of all...then, the Judo medal matches and finally, most of the Swimming finals...

but, as you might imagine, almost every Olympic medal event is on my "must watch" list...




3) too difficult to pick only 3...

however, just to play within the rules: :URS Alexander Karelin, :ITA Federica Pellegrini, :ITA Aldo Montano

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1.  Athletics, all events, but especially M and W 200m M and W Pole Vault,  W Softball, and W 3x3 Basketball.


2.  Other nations   :GBR  :CAN :FRA 


3.  Gosh, I could probably name 3000 favorite Olympians, but I'll go back into the past and name 5 special ones to me:  Jesse Owens, Emil Zatopek, Harrison Dillard, Lindy Remigino, and  Shelley Mann, and a 6th for good mention, Billy Mills.  

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Canoeing Slalom (excited for the MC1, MK1 & WK1..not really for WC1 at all though...will watch but notreally excited about)

Athletics (Everything)

Road Cycling (Mens road race)


:ECU:CZE &  as 3rd more or less equally ( :FRA:ALG & :NCA ) teams


Many favs, not only 3 from SVK/CZE Martikán, Šebrle & the Hochschorners bros... and worldwide even more from Jessica Ennis-Hill to Ashton Eaton passing by Alyson Felix or Mirela Demireva etc..

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1) Volleyball (both), Basketball (just men's), Swimming (all individual events).


2) Cheering for any country that can get their first medal. San Marino, Burkina, Bosnia maybe.


3) ARG: Ginobili, Delpo, Milinkovic. Sounds lame to pick nationals but I don't think I feel strong enough emotional connection to pick foreign athletes or people from before I started watching OG. 

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1 - Swimming (all events), Athletics (all events) and women's volleyball


2 -  At the Summer Games I tend to root for specific athletes more than other nations! I generally like to root for athletes with chances for historic medals, like Kelmendi's in judo and the Fiji rugby team in Rio! :KOS:FIJ

I Love to cheering for nations that can get their first medal


In the Winter Games, in which Brazil obviously has a discreet participation, I do like to root for specific nations! My three favorites are: :CAN:GER:NED


But I also supported athletes from countries that don't win so many medals! I celebrated by Belgian Bart Swings and Tina Weirather from Liechtenstein as if they were Brazilian! :BEL:LIE


3 - :BRA

This is very difficult to choose, but I believe my three favorite athletes in the history of Brazilian sport were Guga Kuerten, César Cielo and Rafaela Silva. Honorable Mention also for Daiane dos Santos and Poliana Okimoto! They were all responsible for making me love their respective sports!


As for athletes from other countries, I believe that my favorites are Andy Murray :GBR , Phelps :USA and Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir :CAN


But I'm indecisive and choosing a few is difficult for me!

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1. Women’s volleyball, Men’s team gymnastics, Men’s 10m diving


2. :MGL:SGP:MAS ( if it refers other NOC, then I will put :HKG and :TPE first two, political correctness:d)


3. :CHN 
 Liu Xiang (2004 110m hurdles champion)

 Li Na (2008 tennis semi-finalist)

 Lin Dan( 2008 and 2012 badminton champion) 

I also would like to share 3 favorite foreign athletes

:MAS  Lee Chong Wei (2008,2012,2016 badminton medalist)

:ESP Rafael Nadal (2008 tennis champion)

:USA Nathan Chen (2018 Figure skating Olympian)

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1. I love to see everything, but this year especially track cycling (men's sprint), hockey (both men and women) and handball (women). 




3. From a Dutch :NED point of view: Inge de Bruijn (swimming, 2000-2004), men's volleyballteam (1996) and Epke Zonderland (high bar, 2012)


My favourite foreign athletes: Pernille Blume (swimming) :DEN , Carolina Kluft (heptathlon) :SWE and Anni Friesinger (speedskating) :GER 

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Three is a very small number. But if I have to choose only three, maybe it could be like that.


3 events in Tokyo - 1. M high jump 2. W high jump 3. M pole vault


3 countries to cheer on - hmmm.. probably :FRA:ESP:CZE but I rather cheer on favourite athletes from very different NOCs and I like different teams in different team sports actually


3 favourite olympians


:POL Artur Partyka, high jump, bronze in Barcelona 1992, silver in Atlanta 1996

:RUS Yulia Lipnitskaya, figure skating, mainly because of Sochi Schindler's list performance in team event

:POL Arkadiusz Gołaś, volleyball, member of Athens 2004 team, great talent with probably huge career in front of him, but he got killed in car accident in 2005 when only 24 years old



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