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Poll 48/100  

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  1. 1. Which of the following statements would be true?

    • 1-At least one boat in Sailing will be guaranteed the gold medal before the final Medal Race
    • 2-China will not win all golds in table tennis
    • 3-At least 1 top seed in Men's or Women's Individual Recurve after ranking will fail to reach semis.
    • 4-At least 1 tripartite invitation athlete will win a Olympic medal.
    • 5-At least 1 couple will win medals in same or different events
    • 6-Simone Biles will be the most successful female gymnast at Tokyo

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1, 3, 5 and 6


Not sure which two athletes will both win a medal in the same two events, but considering we've got swimming on the program I'd be highly surprised if the diversity in medal winners is so big, this doesn't happen :p 


And that's without even looking at other sports where it's possible. With swimming and it's many highly related events alone this should be done and dusted, probably more than once :d 

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Anyone read enough paparazzi media to know which medal contenders are in relationships together?:p


I can imagine there will be couples that both win medals though. Probably even multiple.


And for 1: Kiran Badloe about to win RS:X gold before you can say Medal race out loud:clap:

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my picks:


- no.1 has always happened since the medal race format has been used, so, I guess it will happen again (maybe even more than once)...


- no.3 might well wouldn't be the 1st time, in case...


- no.5 is one of the most obvious pick of the entire poll series (maybe it would have been more tricky and interesting if the "couple" had to be made by 2 athletes from different Countries)...


- no.6 is also very much expected...



2 & 4 are very, very unlikely to happen to me, so I didn't pick them...

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