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Poll 46/100  

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  1. 1. Which of the following statements would be true?

    • Tokyo Olympics will be the most watched games by overall viewership
    • Ivory Coast will win at least 2 medals at the games
    • At least 8 red cards will be awarded in the Men's Football Tournament.
    • Angola will reach quarters of women's handball
    • At least 1 Asian athlete will win medal in both men's and women's javelin
    • Italy will finish ahead of Spain but behind Australia

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I picked 1 (these Games are so controversial that it's very likely they get more attention than it would happen under normal circumstances), 2 (they definitely have the chances to grab a couple of medals between Taekwondo and Athletics) and 3 (the Olympic tournament has always been quite rich of undisciplined teams and might be the young age or the inexperienced -incapable and biased- refs that normally we can find there, but a huigh number of red cards is always possible)...


4 and 5, to me are out of order, nearly 6...well, I might happen quite easily, but I hope it doesn't in the, I don't pick it as a true statement...

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