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Karate Qualification to Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games


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1 minute ago, Mecki83 said:

That`s really unfortunate. And I am not quite sure what will happen if he/she is really banned from the Olympics.

As it is a "big" name I assume that he/she is qualified as Top4. Who will get a ticket in this case? Place 4 of the qualification tournament?

Will there be a re-run of the continental quota procedure? Tripartite invitation? What a mess...:facepalm:

Iran had 4 quotas. all of them qualified by finishing in top 4. and 3 of them actually finished  #1. and the guilty athlete is one of those 3. I will write the name soon, I'm just waiting for one of the official news websites to officially report it.


I believe that will go to the next best ranked athlete from the ranking.

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well everybody knows the name now. that's Bahman Askari. world Champion at 75kg and Rank #1. apparently took something from a doctor when he had COVID but that doesn't really matter. he ruined his life time chance.


I believe his quota will go to Scott of USA.


of course the ban is not official yet. obviously he will try something but everybody knows the suspension is inevitable at the end.

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