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Karate Qualification to Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games

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39 minutes ago, Dunadan said:

"All athletes who qualified for the Olympics in 2020 will remain qualified for 2021" , the IOC had said...


One month later: "Sorry that was a joke haha".


Just to remind - WKF announced the quotas BEFORE the scheduled day of closing the ranking, because they couldn't have held the remaining ranking events by then, but didn't know yet, the Olympics will be postponed and there will be time for that later. I think it does have a certain meaning in that.

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WKF is extremely quick in updating the ranking   I made some calculations, this is the list of athletes with realistic chance (even small chance) to qualify directly to the Olympics. I remov

and for women   Women's Kata Sandra Sanchez - 10582.5 Q Viviana Bottaro - 6585 Q Grace Lau - 5790 Sakura Kokumai - 5197.5 Dilara Eltemur - 3667.5    

WKF updated the Olympic ranking. we have lots of changes because of the continental championships. someone corrects me if I'm wrong but it seems right now only except Oceania we have continental Champ

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First, making only the 2021 European Championships as part of the qualification process does not make sense - either the ranking period is extended for all continents (in that case also previous results in other continental championships, 2019 or 2020, would be removed) or it's not extended at all. The purpose of including 2019 Euro/African/PanAm Championships in the ranking since the beginning was to be sure to include a continental result in the case the 2020 editions were not held in time. This is exactly what happened but now they changed their mind.

Secondly, when an IF officially communicates to the public and the member federations the list of qualified athletes and there's no calculation or procedure mistake, they shouldn't change the process anymore - no one forced them to decide but they did.

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6 minutes ago, Benolympique said:

would it be possible to make a list of those who can still qualify via the olympic ranking?


See this post with the 1 March ranking by MHSN: Rabat PL and 2021 Euro Championships points will be added to that ranking



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47 minutes ago, Benolympique said:

What do I do for karate quotas?


that's simple, remove them all !


or you can keep those who are mathematically qualified



Men's Kata

:ESP Damian Quintero

:TUR Ali Sofuoglu

:VEN Antonio Diaz

:ITA Mattia Busato



Men's 67kg


:KAZ Darkhan Assadilov

:FRA Steven Dacosta



Men's 75kg

:IRI Bahman Askari

:ITA Luigi Busa

:AZE Rafael Aghayev



Men's +75kg

:TUR Ugur Aktas

*one quota is guaranteed for Iran



Women's Kata

:ESP Sandra Sanchez

:ITA Viviana Bottaro

:HKG Grace Lau

:USA Sakura Kokumai



Women's 55kg

:TUR Serap Ozcelik

:UKR Anzhelika Terliuga



Women's 61kg

:CHN Yin Xiaoyan

:EGY Giana Lotfy



Women's +61kg

:AZE Irina Zaretska

:IRI Hamideh Abbasali

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Continental representation (women) at today. provisional before last 2 events:

- OCEANIA Anacan (NZL) Kata 
- AFRICA Attya (EGY) -55 KG
- AMERICAS Grande (PER) -61 Kg
- ASIA Gafurova (KAZ) +61 Kg
- EUROPE Semeraro (ITA) +61 Kg, very close with Plank (AUT) -55 Kg
- AFRICA 2 Agalman (MAR) Kata
- AMERICAS 2 Kumizaki (USA) -55 Kg or Rodriguez (PUR) +61 Kg

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