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Curling WCF Mixed Doubles World Championship 2021

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If I'm not mistaken, first four places in Group A are decided as well. :GBR , :ITA  and :CAN qualified for the Olympics, while :GER will be in the playoff against the 4th placed team in Group B. 


Edit: I was mistaken. :CZE also has a chance for the fourth place, but :GBR , :CAN and :ITA are qualified.

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:USA qualified for the 7th place playoff. :EST is relegated, while :JPN and :FIN “qualified” for the relegation playoffs.


:ESP is also guaranteed relegation in the other group.

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:CZE will face the :USA for the final Olympic quota on offer.


Quarterfinals are :CAN - :SUI and :NOR - :ITA. :SWE and :SCO are qualified for the semifinals.


:ESP and :EST are relegated.


The relegation playoffs are :HUN - :FIN and :JPN - :KOR.


The following teams are eliminated but qualified for the 2022 World Championships: 







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17 minutes ago, Jan Linha said:

Hell yeah!!!! :CZE took the final spot for Beijing 2022!!!!! 

Just as happy for That as I am disapointed of the Swedish loss. Gongrats! Both glad for a new nation To qualify first time in curling but most for That Paul/Paulova are a great team and very nice people!

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