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Skateboarding Qualification to Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games

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New update on olympic racing of Skateboarding after Oi Stu Open in Rio de Janeiro.     It's unbelievable the incapacity of WS to provide a decent World Ranking. Another time they change

Update after the last event of the first season at Skate Park.     Skate Park and Street - WC Park São Paulo.xlsx

The IOC can be a bit hypocritical with their universality rule. Look at coxed eights rowing. As much as I love the sport I acknowledge that the event is slowly dying yet it remains on the schedule.

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Due to Coronavirus risks in China and Asia, a lot of changes on events' dates have been confirmed by World Skate.


International Skateboarding Open of Street in Nanjing was suspended until further information. This does not mean this event was cancelled.


International Skateboarding Open of Street and Park in Yancheng is still confirmed. However, there's a new date for this event. It will take the date left by Nanjing on calendar. From 14th to 19th April.


Asian Continental Championship in Singapore has been rescheduled from 17th to 21th March.


SLS Pro Tour in Beijing is still confirmed


Ark League in Japan is fully confirmed


World Championship of Park Skateboarding in Nanjing is currently confirmed


Also, WS informed that the skate venue in Lima for Lima Skateboarding of Street and Park will need to undergo sgnificant remodeling by California Skateparks. So the event's date will move from the original to spot left by Yancheng ISO. From 6th to 12th April.


Beyond that, WS confirmed that this event will be a 5-star and Pan-America Continental Championship. Because of that, the skateboarders from the American continent compiting in this tournament are going to receive points from both 5-star and continental event.

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Finally, WS updated the results from Oceanian Skateboarding Championship


Here it is:


Only skateboarders from Australia and New Zealand participated at. Also, Only 4 athletes on women's competition and 13 at men's.


Important results from Hayley Wilson and Shane O'Neill, It's giving them a easy way to guarantee their Oceanian spot to the Olympics.

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A while ago, I read at Brazilian press about the development of a new World Ranking by World Skate. Recently, this has been confirmed.


World Skate in a partnership with Wyldata, developed a new format to its WR. You can check it here:


A few points about this format:


- Now it's possible to check more details about each athlete and search for athletes per continent or country

- In this new format, WS is already counting the points from National Championships(they did not do that in the previous one)

- The Continental Championships are not appearing yet. And, there isn't any information about how they will add those points either

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Another Olympic Qualification Update


A few points about this update


- World Championships will not take place in 2020.

- No event will be scheduled before Q1 2021

- Some big changes for the National Championship format in World Ranking. Because of pandemic situation many countries have not been able to start their intern competitios. So, WS was forced to change the implementation of those points inside WR.


1- Only two NCH can be added to the WR. Both at Season 2

2- Current NCH pontuation in WR will be cleaned

3- Only one NCH may count for each athlete

4- A dedicated webpage(TBA) will show updated NCH results

5- NCH points reinstated in WR as of 31st of May 2021

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