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Sprint Canoeing ICF World Cup 2021

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Sprint Canoeing ICF World Cup 2021


CHK.gif Multi-Stage Event - Start Date 2021 - End Date 2021 CHK.gif




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World Cup medalists   WC2 500m  1.   2.   3.     WK1 500m  1.   2.   3.     MK2 1000m  1.   2.   3.     MC2 1000m  1.   2.   3.     WK2 200m  1.   2.

The Hungarian team for the first World Cup event:


K-1 200 m: Tótka Sándor, Birkás Balázs
K-1 500 m: Nádas Bence, Kós Benedek Tibor
K-1 1000 m: Kopasz Bálint, Gál Péter István
K-2 500 m: Balogh Gergely, Szendy Maximillián; Noé Zsombor, Dombvári Bence
K-2 1000 m: Noé Bálint, Kulifai Tamás; Vajda Bence Ferenc, Erdélyi Tamás
K-4 500 m: Balogh, Molnár Péter, Nádas, Tótka; Noé Zs., Vajda, Dombvári, Kós
K-1 5000 m: Kopasz, Noé B.
C-1 500 m: Kiss Balázs, Szőke Attila
C-1 1000 m: Szőke, Slihoczki Ádám
C-2 500 m: Hajdu Jonatán, Fekete Ádám; Zombori Dominik, Kocsis Ádám
C-2 1000 m: Adolf Balázs, Fejes Dániel; Hajdu, Fekete
C-1 5000 m: Adolf, Fodor

K-1 200 m: Kárász Anna, Kiss Blanka
K-1 500 m: Kárász, Rendessy Eszter
K-1 1000 m: Kőhalmi Emese, Bakó Olga
K-2 200 m: Lucz Anna, Kiss Blanka
K-2 500 m: Biben Karina Klaudia, Rendessy Eszter; Lucz Anna, Csikós Zsóka
K-4 500 m: Kőhalmi, Biben, Bakó, Csikós
K-1 5000 m: Csikós, Rendessy
C-1 200 m: Takács Kincső, Seres Fanni Barbara
C-1 500 m: Bragato Giada, Molnár Csenge
C-1 5000 m: Kisbán Zsófia, Horányi Dóra
C-2 200 m: Horányi, Seres; Bragato, Kisbán
C-2 500 m: Balla Virág, Takács; Gönczöl Laura, Opavszky Réka


K-2 200 m: Lucz Anna, Csizmadia Kolos; Kiss Blanka, Apagyi Levente
C-2 200 m: Molnár Csenge, Hajdu Jonatán; Horányi Dóra, Fekete Ádám

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World Cup finalists for today


WK1 200m  :POL  :HUN  :GBR  :DEN  :ESP  :RUS  :HUN  :POR  :ITA 


MK1 200m  :LTU  :LAT  :ESP  :GBR  :UKR  :ITA  :HUN  :ESP  :SWE 


WC1 200m  :GBR  :RUS  :CUB  :UKR  :USA  :POL  :GER  :ESP  :GEO 


MK1 1000m  :CZE  :BEL  :BLR  :CZE  :GER  :HUN  :POR  :SRB  :SVK 


MC1 1000m  :GER  :CZE  :CZE  :MDA  :BRA  :CUB  :FRA  :POL  :ROU


WK1 1000m  :POL  :DEN  :RUS  :NOR  :HUN  :HUN  :POL  :CRO  :SRB 


MK2 500m  :BLR  :HUN  :SRB  :ESP  :UKR  :FRA  :BLR  :CZE  :POR 


WC1 500m  :BLR  :CZE  :POL  :POL  :UKR  :UKR  :HUN  :CRO  :HUN 


MC2 500m  :BRA  :BLR  :RUS  :RUS  :ITA  :HUN  :UKR  :ESP  :ITA 


WK2 500m  :CZE  :POL  :BEL  :GER  :SLO  :DEN  :POL  :FRA  :UKR 


MK1 500m  :DEN  :DEN  :HUN  :NOR  :ITA  :HUN  :GER  :POL  :SWE

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Bad news for us, Kopasz doesn't seem as strong as in 2019 and the Germans got a new young talent, Jacob Schopf, who might be the strongest candidate for the MK1 1000m gold after this World Cup. 

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World Cup medalists


WK1 200m  1. :DEN  2. :POL  3. :GBR 


MK1 200m  1. :GBR  2. :HUN  3. :ITA 


WC1 200m  1. :USA  2. :CUB  3. :UKR 


MK1 1000m  1. :GER  2. :CZE  3. :POR 


MC1 1000m  1. :GER  2. :BRA  3. :CZE


WK1 1000m  1. :HUN  2. :NOR  3. :HUN 


MK2 500m  1. :ESP  2. :BLR  3. :UKR 


WC1 500m  1. :UKR  2. :UKR  3. :HUN 


MC2 500m  1. :ESP  2. :HUN  3. :UKR 


WK2 500m  1. :GER  2. :POL  3. :SLO 


MK1 500m  1. :HUN  2. :DEN  3. :DEN 

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1 minute ago, hckošice said:

Good season start for our K4 crew, but they really should work on their starts, this is exactly the details that may cost the medal at the end in 500m distance.

I hate it so damn much that the starts matter on the K4 race because they were stupid enough to cut the distance in half. And then they did the same thing for men's K2 and men's C2, so we will only have two 1000m events for Paris. At this rate we won't have any 1000m races by 2028. 

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And yeah, I know that our men's K4 boat is a "work in progress", but that heat was terrible.... They better get their shit together either for tomorrow or for the ECh because I am getting worried about Tokyo. 

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5 hours ago, Vektor said:

WC1 200m  1. :USA  2. :CUB  3. :UKR 

Sad that Luzan will not compete in this event in Tokyo. She can win medal there

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