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Olympics Heads to Heads? Who will get more gold medals in Tokyo? POLL No. 6

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Olympic H2H? Who will get more olympic gold medals in Tokyo? Poll No. 6  

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  1. 1. Cuba vs Jamaica

    • Cuba
    • Jamaica
  2. 2. Indonesia vs Thailand

    • Indonesia
    • Thailand
  3. 3. Duncan Scott vs Regan Smith (Swimming)

    • Duncan Scott
    • Regan Smith

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Smith vs. Scott seems pretty random (and i would have preferred something like Hungary in swimming vs. China in swimming before going to individual athletes). Scott could win 4 golds and Smith could win 5 golds. The difference is that Smith is guaranteed one gold and in two of her individual events there is only one person who could beat her, while Scott will have much more competition in his individual events.

You know who wears sunglasses inside?

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