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Women's Field Hockey Qualification to Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games


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After the completion of FIH Pro League and FIH Series Finals, following teams are qualified for Olympic games qualifiers:


From Pro League: :ARG :AUS :GER :NED 

From Series Finals: :IRL :KOR :IND :CAN :ESP 


As Japan, who finished second in Series finals Tournament 2, have already qualified for Olympics (both as hosts and Asian Champs), their place in Olympic qualifiers has been reallocated to rankings list. Similarly, if any of the above teams also win their continental championships, even their position will be reallocated to rankings list. So, we will have atleast 5 spots for rankings at present. 


At present top 5 not already qualified in Ranking are: :GBR :NZL :CHN :USA :BEL 


With Argentina, Australia almost sure to win their continental tournaments, and European winner also most likely coming from the above mentioned teams, an additional 3 spots should be open for teams on basis of rankings. Next 3 in line are : :RSA :CHI :ITA 


Next two in line are :CZE and :BLRBut they are quite behind :ITA in points and it would be tough for them to overtake them in the next ranking update. 


P.S. South Africa are almost sure to win African championships but they are expected to refuse that quota. There is no other African team close to top 20 in rankings, so unless someone upsets South Africa at African championship, African quota will be returned to FIH. In such a case, out of the 7 losing teams of the qualifiers, the one with the highest ranking will qualify for the Olympics. 

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New world ranking is out ( ), some big changes:


-Belgium climbs 4 places to reach 9th.

-Canada climbs 3 places to reach 18th.

-Chile surpassed South Africa in 15th place (and, in theory, kicks them out of pot 3 of the seeding.


Only the continental championships to go before we get the final seeding for the play-off draw. Belgium is now in pot 2 of the seeding and will likely remain there (which would be a relief for Spain, Ireland and India given the high level of the belgian team in the recent women's pro league).

IMO the biggest battle will be at the pan american games, with Chile trying to hold their 2nd place in the continent in order to keep those vital points of advantage over South Africa in the ranking (naturally, I'm assuming here that Argentina will win the competition and that South Africa will win and then refuse the quota from their continent). Beware of Canada however, a 2nd place at the pan am games could also see them climb to 15th. 15th place is important because it's likely going to be the cut for pot 3 of the play-off seeding. If you're in pot 4 you'll likely get to play one of GB, Germany or New Zealand, which would be too tough a task for these teams I think.



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Justo ahora, JoshMartini007 dijo:

Does that mean South Africa will use its continental quota or will they just miss the Olympic altogether?


Still haven't confirmed what they will do but if they don't accept the quota they are indeed out of the olympics and their place will be taken by the highest ranked loser of these play-offs.

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