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Men's Field Hockey Qualification to Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games


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There's a lot of push back between the sport federations and South Africa's Olympic Committee over accepting/declining the quotas.


I imagine the field hockey federation used FIH's top 20 rule as a way to show that their team had sufficient strength to compete.

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10 hours ago, Herberth10 said:


this is -like it already happened in Rio- the most stupid and tv audience unfriendly schedule they could build...


I mean, there are a lot of matches at the same time, they use 2 different stadiums...and they always put an accent on the cost saving...:facepalm::wall:


why didn't they just build a single venue (possibly indoor, maybe even a temporary structure, as I don't think in Japan they need a big permanent hockey stadium, given the very limited popularity of the sport, so to allow games to be played all day long in safe environmental conditions) ans have the usual 6 games a day schedule as almost every other team sport with 12 participants? :pope:


and if they say they need to end the tournament on the last friday, without going deep into the final couple of days of the Games, well, they could have easily scheduled the 1st game day for both the men and the women on wednesday and thursday before the opening ceremony, just like soccer (and this time even softball), keeping a perfect 16-gameday tournament ending on the scheduled 3rd last day of the Games...


easier done than said...


but no, they have to mess it up to the (already very few) hardcore fans they have...:hairpull::wall::thumbdown::spank:


to me, these are already the worst Games ever (among all those I had the chance to follow personally, since L.A. 1984) and those I have the lowest hype ever for...


and I fear things are only getting worse and worse every edition of the Olympics, as I feel they're just doing as much as they can to destroy my "favourite toy" more and more every single day...:cry::nopompom:

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