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Biathlon 2021 - 2022 Discussion Thread


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On 09/07/2021 at 19:07, RobtheAggie said:

Some updates on Blink and Wiesbaden:

As of right now, Blink will be Norwegian only, but that may change depending on Governmental restrictions being lifted.

Wiesbaden - Johannes and Tarjei Boe, Erik Lesser, Roman Rees, Lukas Hofer, Jakov Fak, Said Khalili and a French biathlete - announced in the next week.  There will also ne 9 females, none have been announced yet.  

French will be at Blink, they fly to Norway today. Nordic Festival in Annecy Looks like the Event with the best field.

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Women's Elite and Men's Elite results are here - Norway men's sat out the men's race.

Good mix of biathletes were there with France, Latvia Italy and Switzerland as well. 


Look down a the bottom of the article for the results.


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Men's Super Sprint results here  There were 27 in the race, and only 5 non Norwegians.  Philip Horn, Antonin Guigonnat, QFM, Fabien Claude, and Leo Raffin.


Junior Men's Super Sprint results here.


Women's Super Sprint results here.


Junior Women's Super Sprint result here.


Also the Martin Fourcade Festival has announced the last two male athletes.  It will be Jakov Fak and Matvey Eliseev.

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16 hours ago, Monzanator said:

Geraghty-Moats only hit 3/15 in the standing in both races? I suppose she won't return to biathlon full-time anytime soon.

I saw that and was surprised.  I do not know if she has turned her back on ski jumping/nordic combined but her shooting was not great.  I envision her as an IBU Cup biathlete at best.  She also had a 2 min penalty in the Mass Start that would have had her finish in 8th.  Joanne Reid did not participate so I would envision that she would have defeated her as well. 


Paul Schommer's win was his biathlon win of his career.  Good for him,  

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