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How many medals do you expect from your Nation at the 2020 Olympics? (2021 "A" version)

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4 minutes ago, Andry84 said:

Are you joking, I don't see Netherlands with less than 12 or 13 gold and 40 medals.... 

No, I'm just realistic :p

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People at Gracenote: "Hey, we don't have enough data about recent competitions for this event, what shall we do?" "Give one more medal to the Netherlands, nobody will notice it"

I like how, when adding everyone's predictions, you'd probably always end up with a hundred more total medals than are actually available in the Olympics     Also fun when someone calls athl

Looks like all these predictions we can find online are really stupid.   We have to do it by ourselves ;-)

43 minutes ago, Andry84 said:

Are you joking, I don't see Netherlands with less than 12 or 13 gold and 40 medals.... 

As I've said earlier in the thread 25 medals in Sydney is our highest tally ever. Even if we are doing well the past two years, 40 is an exaggeration. CCB's prediction is realistic, even if I am a bit more optimistic and hopeful for a surprise medal every now and then. I think he is also right that other countries are catching up in track cycling and rowing the past year.

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6 hours ago, Prashanth said:

India should get around 6-10 Medals this time with Shooters in good position, 2 wrestling n 1 in Weightlifting. Any medal from outside this is really a bonus. Talking of sure shot though we have few outside chances of Hockey, Javelin n boxers.

I would be slightly more optimistic


3-8 medals in shooting 

1-3 medals in boxing 

1-4 medals in wrestling 

1 medal in weightlifting

1 medal in badminton 


Possible outside chances in archery , javelin , hockey .....


So 7 to a max of 20 .....likely around 10-12 .......... Big skew as most of the really good indian  players are so young 18-20 .....see how the handle the pressure 

strength does not come from physical capacity but from an indomitable will. - Gandhi

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I think 10-12 medals for Poland, 2-4 golds.


Biggest chances are:

Athletics - M hammer (Fajdek, Nowicki - this is double chance for gold), W hammer (Włodarczyk?, Kopron, Fiodorow), W 4x400, M pole vault (Lisek), M 1500 (Lewandowski), maybe M and W 800, and W 1500 (Sofia Ennaoui?). I wonder what Patryk Dobek is going to show in 400 hurdles or 800.

Men's volleyball - a big hope for a medal, we are world champs but we lost in QFs in last 4 olympics

Some medals in rowing and canoeing - maybe a first gold in canoeing ever, but that will be hard?

Track cycling - M sprint?

Tennis (Iga Świątek, Hubert Hurkacz, mixed doubles) - it could be first olympic medal in tennis for Poland

I would be superhappy with a medal in swimming (K. Wasick in 50 free?)

Fencing - W team epee

We usually get a medal in combat sports (hard to predict who could get it)

And there is always a one or two huge surprises

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