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Weightlifting AWF Asian Championships 2020

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1 minute ago, Andry84 said:

I think that in the new qualification document that IWF propose some days ago to CIO(but nobody knows what is written inside) that rule will be cancelled. 

you are probably right, but that's the point, nobody knows that change for sure. what if they only make exceptions for Oceania athletes ?


in short, whoever misses the continental championships will miss the Olympics most probably.

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For me, Li Fabin is safe for Tokyo since no rivals there. Liao Qiuyun and Hou Zhihui are competing for 1 quota in my mind. No one is secure right now I guess. Each of them have some shinning part in c

No it's not. Chinese have 15-40 kg lead in all events. Only 49kg it's less. And India won the CJ that's a gamble that won't be taken 

Maybe I can predict after the ACH since I actually have no idea about their capability right now. But Hou Zhihui is not safe even with the WR since she lost to India in CJ and we don't know her potent

3 minutes ago, mrv86 said:

Where can I see the results?

I could take a screenshot from the livestream  , but here is the total result


:CHN Hou 213 WR

:CHN Jiang 207

:IND MIrabi 205


Hou also broke the snatch WR , Mirabi Chanu broke the CJ World Record


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