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Modern Pentathlon UIPM World Cup 2018

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And the best result for :MEX Tamara Vega, placing 5th :yes Along with Mayan Oliver (who qualified for 3 world cup finals this season) I think they are our safest bets for a spot in Tokyo. Sadly to see, the level of our male pentathletes has decreased greatly, after winning our first Olympic medal in Rio :( Can't wait to see if Hernandez returns next year as he promised.

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1,2 for France , they dominated this WC so far 

Amro El Gezeiry 2014 WCH silver medalist will represent USA in the next WC 

Seems that Lithuania skipped this one and probably due to the travel expenses.

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Tomorrow the mixed relays. As it was introduced to World Cup in 2013 I said the Irish pair should be strong in this event. It appeared that many nations, and Ireland among them, doesn't take it seriously. Let's see, what will be tomorrow.

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Welp, Venčkauskaitė just pulled an Asadauskaitė classic. Went from 24th to 3rd in the final event to win a medal in the world cup final. Ieva Serapinaitė came in tenth, so a pretty solid result for her. Laura Asadauskaitė did not start due to injury.

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