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Weightlifting EWF European Championships 2021

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7 minutes ago, Benolympique said:

Scoring live ?,, THANKS


I couldn't find a site with the live scores...


But from the live stream i'm watching:



Gold - :BUL Nadezhda Nguen - 72 kg 

Silver - :TUR Melisa Gunes - 68 kg

Bronze - :UKR Anhelina Lomachynska - 67 kg


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the fact that by far the best of our athletes here finished a representative of a completely different sport, who decided to attend to this championship only as part of her "winter" preparation for th

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Clean & Jerk results:


Gold - :BUL Ivana Petrova - 85 kg

Silver - :ROU Cosmina Pana - 84 kg

Bronze - :TUR Melisa Gunes - 83 kg


Overall Medals in Women's 45 kg:


Gold - :BUL Nadezhda Nguen - 155 kg

Silver - :BUL Ivana Petrova - 152 kg

Bronze - :TUR Melisa Gunes - 151 kg

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42 minutes ago, Illya said:

Explain to me, please, why athletes are divided into groups? Can an athlete from Group B win a medal or not?


Yes they can, if they lift enough for a medal. :d


They divide them for logistic reasons. Having one competition with 20+ lifters at once is going to be a drag. It's much more easy to separate them in two groups of 10, by strength and not have some athletes wait for an hour+ before they make their attempts. Plus you have a confined backstage warm-up area for the lifters during the competition and it's more organizable to have 10 sections, instead of 20. 


And also of course for TV time. With only 10 lifters in a group it goes for 1.5 - 2 hours at best with the medal ceremony, which is ideal for the TVs. They don't want to show the weak athletes and waste time, they need only the best, so it's a fast, entertaining competition.

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10 hours ago, Benolympique said:

we still do not know the European quotas?

Anais Michel will be probably some points ahead of Erdogan (i am not sure, it's about very few points) i think both will fly to Colombia for the last tournament. I think they have no chance to finish in top 8, PNG and DOM have great chances to overtake both of them. 

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Does anybody this OG Quali detail? If I enter the OG ranking on IWF website, there are all the categories even though they are not all at the Olympic program. So are considered any 102kg athletes to be possibly qualified for 109kg event or for example are any 55kg athletes considered to be qualified for 61kg event? Thanks a lot for the answer. 

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