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American Football Discussion Thread

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I don't get why anyone would find this sport enjoyable. It's 10 minutes of actual play and the rest is teams setting up and commercials. Unbearable.       

You can kick from everywhere, yes. Usually you kick if you didn't make the 10 yards in 3 attempts and you have the ball within about 30 yards from the end zone (the end zone is 10 yards deep and the h

Well, I’m pretty sure there’ll be a lot of mourning students and faculty tomorrow

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here I am...the hardest Patriots hater ever (and the most envious man on earth of Brady...and not because his football success, of course :whistle::lol:)...


so, even if I'm a shattered Raiders fan, tonight I'm gonna stay with the Rams until the end of the world and beyond...:evil:


p.s by the way,i'm gonna watch the SB tomorrow, thanks to my not-so-cheap NFL Game Pass Europe...

no way I'm gonna waste the night for Brady & co...:whistle::pope:

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40 minutes ago, Olympian1010 said:

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for the patriots, but now that their Trump’s team I don’t want them to win. I don’t like the Rams either. I would’ve preferred the Saints. I will probably watch the game, just to see the funny commercials and write an article on those for my journalism class.


Spoiler alert.


All King Victor Emmanuel's Show Horses Can Make Really Beautiful People Fall

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56 minuti fa, Monzanator ha scritto:

Rai2 shows the SB tonight? I hope they won't block the access for me :finger:


I fear it's gonna be blocked, as DAZN also has the rights in Italy (actually, they have the main rights)...

however, a VPN would make up for that (there are many with a free trial period with full functionality, if you just don't want to pay for that)...;)

same for the BBC...

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