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Women's Tennis Fed Cup 2018


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:UGA sent Fed Cup team for the first time ever :cheer: 




Uganda Tennis Association

15 April at 07:10 · 

For the first time in Ugandas History we have sent a ladies team to participate in the Federation Cup (tennis) in Montenegro. The team led by legendary John Oduke departed last night....#WinnieBirungi#SandraKhissa #DaphneMukasa and #PatienceAthieno.....Godspeed Ladies #WomenInSport




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Hate that Russia-Latvia and Japan-GB ties had to happen in the playoffs. It is unbelievable to see Russia in Euro/Africa zone 1 :lol: But they deserved, despite having so many good players. Congrats :LAT for making World Group II :cheer: Ostapenko :hearts: 

GB's another attempt for WGII denied :( I am glad for Japan, and hopefully, GB won't give up and try next year too, to get that so wanted promotion. But Euro/Africa zone is getting so difficult to overcome, now with Russia being "new addition" :d Congrats Japan! :yes   


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USA FOR 2ND CONSECUTIVE TIME qualified to the final after defeating France 3-2 with the help of Sloane Stephens who won 2 matches , 3rd was won by Keys to face Czech Republic who defeated Germany 4-1 thanks to a great show by Petra Kvitova defeating both Georges and Kerber in straight sets and other 2 victories by Pliskova and in the doubles 

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