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Cross-Country Skiing 2021 - 2022 Discussion Thread


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Results are on the FIS website, with Duda getting 292 points (and so not improving her total result). That means, when taking the internal criteria into account (classic distance races, freestyle sprints, in selected countries and competitions, including Slavic Cup and Balkan Cup and such), this should be the final table:




Final standings:

1. Jaque 1201.02

2. Bruna 1504.71

3. Duda 1635.26

4. Mika 1709.23


The Brazilian NOC will make the official announcement tomorrow in a live event at 15:00 CET. So it has yet to be announced, but half of the Zweisimmen-Sparenmoos snow has been melted by Bruna's tears when she called me/us and I gave her the finish times :p 

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Greek championships are being held this weekend. No results to speak of, presumably because the races are still being held late into night. :p


Events included:

Sprint 1200 km for M/W

Interval 5000 km W and 10000 km M



All King Victor Emmanuel's Show Horses Can Make Really Beautiful People Fall

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Progress for Linn Svahn who yesterday Did her first practice using poles for this season. I hope she Will be able to get back competing next season.

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Look who's getting closer and closer to walking again :cheer:


Fun fact: the rehabilitation process, which started last week, is basically entirely being done at Papendal, the Dutch national training center in tons of Olympic sports. The doctor and the physiotherapists there have taken Bruna in to treat her and help her get back to a normal level of sports fitness, awesome people! And the doctor happens to be the doctor of both the Dutch athletics federation and......the Dutch skiing federation, I kid you not :d The world is tiny.

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Charlotte Kalla will end her career this weekend at the Swedish national championship. She won tour de ski once, 3 golds and 9 olympic medals, 3 world championship golds 

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