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Ski Jumping at the Nordic Skiing FIS World Championships 2021

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28th of February 2021   = 8   8th in W Team Sprint 8th in M team Sprint 8th in M Nordic Combined Team & 8th in Mixed Ski Jumping   this must not be a

I know my logic better than you do. Please inform yourself next time before clowning around. Thanks!

Oh don't mind me. I'm just this forum's bot, automatically replying when a certain level of bullshit is exceeded. Sure we'll talk again soon.

:SLO  Team Slovenia  :SLO



  • Anže Lanišek
  • Bor Pavlovčič
  • Peter Prevc
  • Domen Prevc
  • Cene Prevc
  • Žiga Jelar



  • Nika Križnar
  • Ema Klinec
  • Urša Bogataj
  • Jerneja Brecl
  • Špela Rogelj


More will follow on Slovenia National Thread.

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5 minutes ago, hckošice said:

new hill record for Kramer

That landing though :yikes: 


Anyhow, so far so good, could it be the first ever Veluwe world title in (most likely) any snow sport? :d  :cheer: 

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Kramer leading 1 point ahead of Ema Klinec and 2.2 ahead of Takanashi after the first run. Lundby in 4th rising supertalent Minyan Bjoerseth 5th, Kriznar 6th, Opseth 7th..


home country far behind, best german Rupprecht 11th more than 27 points behind the leader


among the eliminated we can mention Eva Pinkelnig.


The Olympic champion Carina Vogt being very lucky today, qualified as 30th thanks the DSQ of Sorschag

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