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Athletes Deaths Thread

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Deaths of Olympians in November.


:USA Don McDermott, 90 - Speed skating (1×S)

:TUR Yalcin Granit, 88 - Basketball

:FIN Matti Laakso, 79 - Wrestling

:CAN Anne Covell, 70 - Athletics

:ESP Taymi Chappe, 52 - Fencing

:URS Gennady Bukharin, 91 - Canoe sprint (2×B)

:PAK Abdul Rashid, 73 - Hockey (1×G, 1×S, 1×B)

:URS Leonid Osipov, 77 - Water Polo (1×G, 1×S, 1×B)

:AUS Barbara McAuley, 91 - Diving

:FIN Sakari Paasonen, 85 - Shooting

:GBR June Foulds, 86 - Athletics (1×S, 1×B)

:USA Willie Smith, 64 - Athletics (1×G)

:IRI Heidar Shonjani, 74 - Swimming & Water polo

:MAS Mohammed Bakar, 75 - Football

:ALB Shkelqim Troplini, 54 - Wrestling

:AUS John Kinsela, 70 - Wrestling

:ROU Virginia Bonci, 71 - Athletics

:ITA Fernando Atzori, 78 - Boxing (1×G)

:IRI Amir Yavari, 88 - Boxing

:AUT Gunther Pfaff, 81 - Canoe sprint (1×B)

:ITA Giuliana Minuzzo, 88 - Alpine skiing (2×B)

:ESP Jorge Llopart, 68 - Athletics (1×S)

:URS Boris Gurevich, 83 - Wrestling (1×G)

:HUN Attila Horvath, 53 - Athletics

:YUG Peter Florjancic, 101 - Ski jumping

:FIN Osmo Ala-Honkola, 81 - Shooting

:ITA Egidio Cosentino, 93 - Hockey

:IND Jagmohan Singh, 88 - Athletics

:USA Walt Davis, 89 - Athletics (1×G)

:JPN Eitaro Okano, 90 - Athletics

:AUT Anneliese Schuh-Proxauf, 98 - Alpine skiing

:TUR Resit Karabacak, 66 - Wrestling

:GBR Helen Morgan, 54 - Hockey (1×B)

:FIN Hannu Lahtinen, 60 - Wrestling

:FRA Jacques Deprez, 82 - Athletics

:MEX Ernesto Canto, 61 - Athletics (1×G)

:DEN Jens Sorensen, 79 - Cycling

:USA Billy Evans, 88 - Basketball (1×G)

:SUI Doris de Agostini, 62 - Alpine skiing

:PAK Anwar Aziz Chaudhry, 89 - Swimming

:POL Jozef Rysula, 81 - Cross-country skiing

:IRI Mohammad Khadem, 85 - Wrestling

:AUT Peter Lichtner-Hoyer, 93 - Equestrian & Modern pentathlon

:URS Yasil Yakusha, 62 - Rowing (1×S, 1×B)

:BUL Vladimir Ivanov, 65 - Athletics

:AUS Sir James Wolfensohn, 86 - Fencing

:FIN Paul Nyman, 91 - Cycling

:BUL Dimitar Largov, 84 - Football

:USA Kevin Burnham, 63 - Sailing (1×G, 1×B)

:TTO Clifton Bertrand, 84 - Athletics

:SGP Tan Eng Bock, 84 - Water polo


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This is a total tragedy Kobe Bryant is apparently dead

Serbian sport shooter Bobana Veličković passed away today at age of 30 She was part of Serbian Olympic Team at London 2012 and Rio 2016, former 8th times European champion and world champion in a

Braian Toledo  javelin thrower (2012, 2016), died today in a motorcycle accident. 

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Professor Wojciech Zabłocki, one of the biggest Polish fencers and a great architect (he was the one to build the cycling track in Pruszków) has died recently. He was a widower after a famous Polish actress Alina Janowska.


With his dead we got to know that his teammate from 1950s, Jerzy Twardokens also died a few years ago. Twardokens emigrated to USA in 1958 and started using the name George, became a doctor at the University of Nevada, his daughter is Eva Twardokens, Olympic alpine skier who survived the plane crash last year.


The strangest thing about his death is that until he wasn't mentioned by one of the journalists as one of those "waiting for Zabłocki on a God's piste" yesterday. Apparently we've all thought it's a fake news as there was no news about it anywhere, not only from Polish or American media, but even on Olympedia, which is a strange thing for Olympian (Helsinki 1952) and World Championships medalist, being part of such a great team as him, Zabłocki or Pawłowski. But with a little bit of deeper research (which was needed after I asked for a dementi of that info and the editor-in-chief of the newspaper gave the date of 26th July 2015) we've found the confirmation - and @Dragon has already updated Olympedia thanks to that.


Still it sounds quite impossible that such a person's death remains unnoticed by the internet. And yet it shows the power of that certain journalist - he's celebrating 50 years of work for the biggest Polish sports newspaper this year and he is nominated to the most prestigious sport journalist award in Poland, which will be given tomorrow (it's the Bohdan Tomaszewski Award - you might know the patron from the official Olympic Movie from Moscow as he was shown commentating the gold of Malinowski in 3000 m steeplechase: - I personally refer to the journalists awarded with it as "The Order of the Garter of the Polish Sports Journalism" - and there's not a single one I doubt deserve it).

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he never participated to the Olympic games, but I just can't stay away from reporting the death of Paolo (Pablito) Rossi, great striker of the Italian football and absolute hero of the 1982 World Cup triumph...



he was "only" 64, but cancer took him away from his family, friends and fans...


R.I.P. Paolino...:cry:

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