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BMX Cycling at the Summer Olympic Games 2020

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32 minutes ago, heywoodu said:


These sound pretty clear and straightforward though, don't they?

Yeah, but it was for qualification before Olympics move to 2021


32 minutes ago, heywoodu said:

I'm assuming the displinary, doping and ethical things aren't an issue for either and hopefully the same goes for the last one. Then it's about the first and second one, which seems like a pretty clear points system, or does Anderson end up on top, numerically speaking?

I don't know, they haven't released that for the public... This year, Anderson was better in all events.


I just think that this way of choose the athletes does not make any sense... imo, Renato has already had his chance to compete at Olympics, and, now, it was Anderson moment.


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It's the same problem with the Volleyball federation, which picked the Beach players way too early (October 2019) and now most of them aren't in a good moment - for instance, Bruno Schmidt is having a hard time after being in the ICU because of COVID and rumours say that his partner seeked another player to replace him, causing further problems for the team.


From what I understand in the BMX situation is that the federation mainly took into account old results that counted for the Olympic ranking, choosing Renato instead of Anderson, who was clearly the better choice at this moment - currently has the best results among the two (14th in WR vs 25th of Renato), and also was a Worlds bronze medalist and Pan Am Games silver medalist, if past results are that important.


But of course this discussion will feel really worthless when Renato wins a medal after dysmal results at the last two Olympics :pope:


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MEN’S Racing

Connor Fields

Corben Sharrah 


WOMEN’S Racing

Payton Ridenour

Felicia Stancil

Alise Willoughby


MEN’S Freestyle 

Nick Bruce

Justin Dowell


WOMEN’S Freestyle

Perris Benegas 

Hannah Roberts

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