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Rowing at the Summer Olympic Games 2020

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1 hour ago, OlympicsFan said:

Also interesting progression by the greek guy in single sculls ... from being completely irrelevant all of his career to olympic gold in such a short time.

I'm sorry but I think you are quite misinformed. He has been improving year by year. Won his first medal at the 2015 World U23s as a junior, then in 2016 got 6th in Rio in LM4- as a 19 year old.


He won several medals at the World and European U23 Championships post-Rio but in different boats because his partners kept quitting the sport despite their success. So after the 2019 European Championships he decided to switch to the single scull and not deal with unreliable partners. In his first event he won silver at the World U23 Championships, then 11 at the World Championships which was not enough to qualify for Rio (in my opinion the competition was stronger there than it was in Rio).


Then last year he got 5th at the European Championships and 4th this year (he just missed a medal in the last 10-20 m and he was obviously tired because he has the European Olympic Qualifying regatta a few days before). Beat Zeidler by 14 seconds in earlier this year in a heat (I think it was the European Championships or maybe the World Cup event). It was pretty clear that he improved a lot in the past few years both as he got older and stronger (and switched from lightweight category) and as he spent more time working on the single sculls since he was still new to it in 2019.


So I would not say he was "completely irrelevant all of his career" when he was clearly a talented young rower. How many teenagers have made A Finals in recent Olympics besides the three Greeks who did it in Rio LM4- and W2X?

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Laurits Follert

Olaf Roggensack

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Jakob Schneider

Malte Jakschik

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coxswain: Henry Fieldman


Final-A Results Here
Full Final Ranking Here
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