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Badminton 2018 Discussion Thread


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BWF will announce the information about the new BWF World Tour which will replace the BWF World Superseries in a few hours..


However the names of each level has been leaked:


Level 1 : BWF World Tour Finals
Level 2 : BWF World Tour Super 1000
Level 3 : BWF World Tour Super 750
Level 4 : BWF World Tour Super 500
Level 5 : BWF World Tour Super 300


 Also there is Level 6: BWF Tour Super 100 which won't affect ranking points for the World Tour Finals.


Clear copy-paste from ATP World Tour naming, duh.

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1 hour ago, heywoodu said:

It's really necessary to have 5 (!!) levels all called 'Super xxx'? :lol: I can hardly imagine the 6th level is that super.

Don't know what is Hoyer Larsen is up to. We also might change from 3×21 to 5×1+ in May...

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Thomas n Uber Cup Asian qualification going on, Want to know in women's section China n Thailand  have already qualified and SF teams qualify. In this scenario if these 2 make it to SF then other 2 teams get chance?

Tokyo - 2020

Go India Go


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