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Shooting at the Summer Olympic Games 2020

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:DEN Shooting team:


Steffen Olsen (Men's 50m rifle three positions & 10m air rifle mixed team)

Anna Skade Nielsen (Women's 10m air rifle and 10m air rifle mixed team)

Rikke Mæng Ibsen (Women's 50m rifle three positions and 10m air rifle)

Jesper Hansen (Men's Skeet)

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well exactly at the same time we lost two medal chances in Fencing and Taekwondo but right now who cares   wow gold medal in shooting ! Foroughi was dominant this season but still this is O

Hancock, an absolute top top Olympic legend now, 3 times Olympic champion in men's skeet! 

that's what everybody asks here he is +40 but still very new to this sport.   btw he is also a nurse and had a tough year (2 year actually) dealing with COVID patients too.

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Ukrainian Shooting Team 🤘


Olena Kostevych (10 m. , 25 m. , Mixed Team with Omelchuk) 



Oleh Omelchuk (10 m. , Mixed Team with Kostevych) 



Sergiy Kulish (10 m. , 50 m. 3 positions) 




Pavlo Korostylov (10 m. , 25 m. Rapid Fire) 



Oleh Tsarkov (10 m. , 50 m. 3 positions) 



Iryna Malovichko (Skeet) 

завантаження (1).jpeg

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:SVK Team Slovakia :SVK

7 (4+3)



10m Air Rifle: Patrik Jány

50m Rifle 3 Positions: Patrik Jány

10m Air Pistol: Juraj Tužinský

Trap: Marián Kovačócy, Erik Varga



Trap: Zuzana Rehák-Štefečeková, Jana Špotáková

Skeet: Danka Barteková



Mixed Trap: Slovakia 1 (Zuzana Rehák-Štefečeková/Erik Varga), Slovakia 2 (Jana Špotáková/Marián Kovačócy)


Other Sports Introductions

Archery, Athletics, BadmintonBoxingCanoeing SlalomCanoeing SprintRoad CyclingGolf, Artistic Gymnastics, Swimming, Table TennisTennis, Wrestling




Slovakia managed to qualify 7 shooters for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics which is the biggest Shooting delegation alongside of the Beijing 2008 & London 2012 Games. The country never failed to qualify for Shooting competitions at the Olympics since the independence.

1996 (3 Athletes), 2000 (3), 2004 (3), 2008 (7), 2012 (7), 2016 (5), 2020 (7)


During these games, Slovakia won 5 medals in this sport. (2xSilvers and 3xBronzes), Fun fact both silver medas were won by Zuzana Rehák-Štefečeková, in fact when she competed at the Olympics in 2008 & 2012 she always finished in 2nd place, The other 3 bronze medals were won by Danka Barteková in London and two times by Jozef Gonci. His bronze from Atlanta 1996 in Rifle Prone is the first medal Slovakia won at the Olympics after the split-up of former Czechoslovakia. It was the 25th of July, 1996.


In Tokyo Slovakia will field 7 shooters in 7 different events. Except Barteková and Tužinský everybody else will compete in 2 events.


Patrik Jány will return the Slovak flag to the Rifle competitions at the Olympics after 9 years. He will compete in his main discipline the 10m Air Rifle but also in the 50m Rifle 3 Positions thanks his achieved required mqs.  He is one of the 2 shooters in our delegation who will experience their Olympic debut in Tokyo. Patrik won his quota by finishing 3rd in the Rio 2019 World Cup event.


Juraj Tužinský will return to the Games after his debut in Rio 2016 where he finished in a surprising 4th place in the Air Pistol event in the very first day of the games. It was a huge shock and amazing result despite finishing just short of the medal places. This time with bigger experiences he is going to his 2nd Olympiad in the very same event, the 10m Air Pistol and again the very first day of the Tokyo 2020 competitions. He earned his spot for the games at the 2020 European Championships.


Erik Varga will compete at his 4th olympics in a row. he became the very first Slovak qualified athlete for the Games thanks his world championship silver medal in the M Trap in South Korea 2018. The double world champion in individual Trap, world champion in mixed trap, european games winner and multiple european champion has already won everything in this sport. The only thing he never managed to win or medal are the Olympics, in fact he never even qualified to the finals, his best result at the Olympics is the 8th place from his debut in Beijing. This time he will compete for the first time in two events the Indivdual classic Trap and in the new Olympic event the Mixed Trap altogether with Zuzana Rehák-Štefečeková, a couple who also won already everything in this event except the Olympics...


Marián Kovačócy will join varga in the M Trap and with Jana Špotáková will form the 2nd Slovak team in the Mixed Trap. Yes, Slovakia managed to qualify 2 Mixed Trap teams during one single race, by winning the world champions title in South Korea. The title was won by Varga and Štefečeková but by this success they opened the doors for two other Trap shooters to the games and at the end it was Marián Kovačócy who will eventually grab the quota. It will be his 2nd Olympics in a row after competing in Rio, where btw he beat also Erik Varga.


Zuzana Rehák-Štefečeková is the most successful Slovak Olympic shooter. She competed at the Olympics two times (2008 & 2012) and in both cases in her only events she always won the Silver medal. In Beijing as debutant she lost only to Satu Makela of Finland and in London to Jessica Rossi of Italy. She then missed Rio 2016, due pregnancy. Now, she is back, already a mom of two children became the 2nd Slovak athlete to qualify for Tokyo thanks her World Champion title in South Korea, 2 days later she won her 2nd gold there with Erik Varga in the Mixed Trap. She will compete in both events also in Tokyo.


Jana Špotáková will experience like Patrik Jány her olympic debut in Tokyo thanks the 2nd mixed trap quota the country won in Korea in 2018. She will compete just like Zuzana rehák-Štefečeková in both events, the W Trap and the Mixed Trap forming the 2nd SVK Team with Marián Kovačócy.


Danka Barteková is going to her 4th Olympics in a row, She is a Bronze medalist from 2012 London Olympiade in W Skeet. Danka is a very popular celebrity in the country, often being in the magazines front pages, like during her relationship with former Slovak super star winner, now she help young slovak sport athletes around the country, one of the most sympathetic and nice athletes in the world, but also one of the most inteligent and diplomatically skilled. This was probably also the reason why in 2012 she not only won the Olympic medal in London but also she won the elections for the IOC athletes commision. Nowadays she is our sole IOC member, and in Tokyo she will be the only IOC member competing at the Games. She usually award the medals in events with Slovak medals.

In Rio 2016 she was our flag bearer. This time again she will compete in the W Skeet, after qualifying by finishing 4th at the 2018 World Championships.



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After a gap of one games, Team :IRL is back in the Olympics and we have selected Derek Burnett in men's trap. This is Derek's 5th Olympics with a top ten in 2004 his best result so far. A former individual European medalist and team world champion, Burnett was also the only Irish shooter to compete in 2004, 2008 and 2012

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“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair” - Nelson Mandela

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