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Men's Ski Jumping FIS Four Hills Tournament 2017 - 2018

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Just one step more 

KAMIL!!!  One of his best days in his career 

It's 6 January and the Polish sports person of 2018 has been decided  (well, it should be)

I am very sad that Hannawalds record was equalled, although i am not too surprised. I dont think i have ever seen ski jumping in such a bad state, there are basically only 3 guys who are in shape (Stoch, Kobayashi, Freitag) and if one of them gets injured and the other one is Kobayashi, you are almost bound to win every single competition. Today it was surprisingly close, if we take Freitags record in Bischofshofen into consideration it is pretty likely that he would have won today. Soon nobody will care, but for now we have to accept that winning all 4 competitions was much more difficult for Hannawald than for Stoch.

I hope that soon Prevc, Kraft and so on will be able to compete again, otherwise this will be a very boring season.

You know who wears sunglasses inside?

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