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Men's Ski Jumping FIS Four Hills Tournament 2017 - 2018

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Just one step more 

KAMIL!!!  One of his best days in his career 

It's 6 January and the Polish sports person of 2018 has been decided  (well, it should be)

I am absolutely shocked by this result, i was totally sure that Freitag would win easily, but today Stoch clearly had better conditions and got lucky. I hope that justice will be restored soon and for now i dont worry too much, lets just hope that Freitag keeps his nerves and doesnt choke like today. Now it is basically a three way battle between Freitag, Stoch and Kraft.

You know who wears sunglasses inside?

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4 Hills Tournament

Stage 2 Garmisch-Partenkirchen

KO Round Starting Order


Q Athlete Pairing Athlete Q
26 :JPN Taku TAKEUCHI  1 Pius PASCHKE :GER    25
27 :SLO Domen PREVC 2 Piotr ZYLA :POL    24
28 :BUL Vladimir ZOGRAFSKI 3 Daniel Andre TANDE :NOR  


29 :AUT Daniel HUBER 4 Ryoyu KOBAYASHI :JPN 22
30 :AUT Michael HAYBOECK 5 Tilen BARTOL :SLO   21
31 :NOR Halvor Egner GRANERUD 6 Stephan LEYHE :GER   20
32 :AUT Gregor SCHLIERENZAUER 7 Maciej KOT :POL 19
34 :SLO Ziga JELAR  9 Stefan KRAFT :AUT   17
35 :AUT Manuel FETTNER 10 Timi ZAJC :SLO   16
36 :AUT Clemens AIGNER 11 Andreas WELLINGER :GER   15
37 :GER David SIEGEL  12 Anders FANNEMEL :NOR 14
38 :GER Constantin SCHMID 13 Karl GEIGER :GER    13
39 :POL Jakub WOLNY  14 Markus EISENBICHLER :GER   12
40 :FRA Vincent DESCOMBES SEVOIE   15 Andreas STJERNEN :NOR    11
41 :CZE Roman KOUDELKA 16 Peter PREVC :SLO   10
42 :RUS Evgeniy KLIMOV 17 Anze SEMENIC :SLO   9
43 :CZE Vojtech STURSA  18 Jernej DAMJAN :SLO   8
44 :FIN Antti AALTO  19 Robert JOHANSSON :NOR   7
45 :GER Andreas WANK 20 Kamil STOCH :POL  6
46 :ITA Sebastian COLLOREDO 21 Junshiro KOBAYASHI :JPN  5
47 :ITA Alex INSAM   22 Richard FREITAG :GER  4
48 :CZE Cestmir KOZISEK  23 Stefan HULA :POL 3
49 :CAN Mackenzie BOYD-CLOWES    24 Dawid KUBACKI :POL   2
50 :FRA Jonathan LEAROYD  25 Johann Andre FORFANG :NOR   1


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What a fucking nightmare, if Freitag doesnt turn this around, this has to be considered as one of the worst chokes in sports history. Of course he again had shitty wind ...

Has anyone ever seen Kobayashi having bad wind? This guy always seems to have the best wind conditions.

You know who wears sunglasses inside?

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