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Winter Olympic Games Beijing 2022 News


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Maybe it was deleted, but I read in some threads today that our good friend and cancellation expert Orangehair accused Italy being in league with dictatorships like China.

No, thats not Italy but the criminal regime of Viktor Orban which (apparently) actually think s***ing up to people like Xi is beneficial to his countries' interests.

But still, not having a diplomatic boycott of Beijing 2022 is not equal to being "Pro China" or "Pro Xi".

I think its not fair to put countries who simply dont participate in the power political games du jour in the same category with spineless corrupt criminals like Orban


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6 minutes ago, Jan Linha said:

"Pay for its mistakes" seems like a thread to me in the way, that some US athletes might be somehow "found covid positive" and not allowed to compete. Would not surprise me at all ......

Won’t the IOC be doing the testing ?

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  • The title was changed to Winter Olympic Games Beijing 2022 News

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