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Winter Olympic Games Beijing 2022 News


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No new sports at Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

Samaranch also seems to rule out there being any new sports on the Beijing 2022 programme. 

"Beijing has not asked for any new sport on the programme," he says. "We are happy with that."

New events will be proposed at the IOC Executive Board meeting in July.

IOC Sports Director Kit McConnell had also said earlier this week how it would be hard to add new Winter Olympic sports.

Ice climbing, ski mountaineering and bandy are among those interested.


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I think Ice Climbing is very ready for the Winter Olympics (though that’s a less appealing choice now that climbing is in the summer games).


It still amazes me that the IOC appears to be so against cross countey running in the Winter Olympics, it would be a very natural fit IMO.

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On 2/12/2018 at 00:11, Skijumpingmaster said:

They are talking about including natural track luge and luge sprint. 


And hopefully mixed team ski jumping will be included. 

I honestly don't know what added value that would have, besides yet another 'forced' mixed event like the Olympics are getting so much....

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