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Men's 3x3 Basketball Tournament at the Summer Olympic Games 2020


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8 minutes ago, rybak said:

I read plenty your comments here and my conclusiom is that you arent real Pole, you dont like Polish athletes or you are troll? Which one is true?

Where I write sth like that? I like them, I do not write negative words. I am realistic, not like in polish forum where everyone see many medals (10-15). I wrote that Iga made a huge effort. This is not polish forum, I can write great opinion about rivals or other athletes (Badosa was great for example).

Why I am troll? I watched every polish start, I am crossing my fingers, but this Olympic Games are nightmare for us. Stop saying this stupid opinion.  This is Olympic Games I can enjoy watching other starts (British Divers). Please find me, where I write sth bad? Stop trolling. 

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15 minutes ago, Wanderer said:

How did Serbia lose to Russia in Semifinals just after crushing them the day before? :wacko: 

Better question is how we beat Russia (and loss to even China!) and Russia did made the final, while our team already is in airplane to Warsaw :wall:

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