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Speed Skating ISU World Cup 2020 - 2021


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Provisional Standings

Updated after Heerenveen 1




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Men's Team Pursuit 153609za8rdqap1q1qldq6.png
Men's 1500m 153609za8rdqap1q1qldq6.png
Men's Mass Start 153609za8rdqap1q1qldq6.png
Men's 500m 153609za8rdqap1q1qldq6.png
Men's 5000m 153609za8rdqap1q1qldq6.png
Men's 1000m 153609za8rdqap1q1qldq6.png
Women's Team Pusuit 153846z5z0mi5bkfoi255i.png
Women's 1500m 153846z5z0mi5bkfoi255i.png
Women's Mass Start 153846z5z0mi5bkfoi255i.png
Women's 500m 153846z5z0mi5bkfoi255i.png
Women's 3000m 153846z5z0mi5bkfoi255i.png
Women's 1000m 153846z5z0mi5bkfoi255i.png
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