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Men's Basketball FIBA World Cup 2019

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Difficut victory for team France versus Belgium. We did a good 4th quarter but the team was without nba players. We need a rebuild after the national retreat of Tony Parker.

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today derbi spain-slovenia


both teams are without main stars,especially spain

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1 hour ago, VolleyRuller96 said:

Meanwhile in Asian Qualifiers, Syria beat India :cheer: how big is their level? Can they qualify to the world cup?


Not a surprise at all, they are better than India for sure actually India (alongside Hong Kong) is the weakest team in the qualifier.


Syria is good. but no way they can qualify, Jordan just ate them alive the previous game. they will be grouped with Jordan, Lebanon, China, South Korea and New Zealand in the next round, they have to finish in top 4 to qualify, not a chance.

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On 11/22/2017 at 12:59, dareza said:

Serbian team for qualification


Stefan Peno (Alba)
Ilija Đoković (Borac Čačak)
Milenko Tepić (Brindizi)
Aleksa Radanov (FMP)
Aleksa Avramović (Vareze)
Ivan Paunić (Tofaš)
Vanja Marinković (Partizan)
Dejan Todorović (Bilbao)
Marko Simonović (Zenit)
Milan Mačvan (Bajern)
Sava Lešić (Otinger)
Stefan Birčević (Istanbul)
Miroslav Raduljica (Đangsu)
Đorđe Gagić (Ješilgirešun)


Dream team :d 




this is really dream team. Amazing.

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It is what it is. There are many incompetent and corrupt world sport federations but when you put the "size" of the and it's importance and global appeal in the context, FIBA HAS TO be the most incompetent and corrupt one. 


Countries with a great pool of players and depth will actualy be doing a good job, like Spain or Serbia. Other countries who will profit are those like Netherlands who don't have NBA and EL players, so it's no surprise they beat Croatia which doesn't have top players and which doesn't have great depth behind those players.

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