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Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2017

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And I'll write a song for the annual TISC:   Just an emotional girl In an emotional world That other members need to nurture Cause I don't have musical culture   Sad

Ladies and gentlemen for the first time in Africa  TISC is finally here  in Tunisia  before the start of the ceremony  let me present you  the official Logo    

Wow, 3rd place, and to think we led for much of the voting round, it was funny that we never left the top 3 (or something like that) the entire time. Also, not bad considering Dia Frampton was a last-

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57 minutes ago, konig said:

in this case Jur and Damian are too news in the forum to have this privilege


Jur has been around for a while. Competed at the 2016 Annual in fact.

All King Victor Emmanuel's Show Horses Can Make Really Beautiful People Fall

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My opinions of all the songs, i presume i listened all more than 10 times :p, please: dont be ofend, is only opinion about a single song from your country and nothing more.





New Zeland: Wanderer take some “risky” to choose a very old song than the rest, from the beginning i like too much and im not a big fan of the 60s music, i was in my house and even in the work singing the “tu ru ru ru ru”, excelent choise, sadly the other part of the argentinian jury dont think the same, that mentioned risk makes for me to be sure of the first place will be for “the kiwis”.


Ireland: like most of the contest, Ireland has an excelent song to present and the 3 of us think the same, an interesting rock song, thanks for this kind of music Dan. Something curios for me: the guy who is more in the left is a clon of a very crazy lawyer of my city.


Portugal: another risky bet, in this case from Kungshumara, the song must inspire something and this song is good to inspire sadness, make me remember our Tango, another great chooise.


France: the clip and the lyrics are wire but sounds very good, specially the music, i like too much the french songs of this year and for that reason i considerer “underrated” both.


Croatia: im not sure because i dont remember well all the croatians songs but probably is what i like more of all, is a lively song from beggining to the end and its in their own language (in some ocations sounds me italian, i dont know why).


Slovenia: a “pop american song”, sounds very good but dont have nothing of special (lyrics, music, etc), it was the last song of the “top 12 sures songs” from the first listenings.


Romania: another underrated song for me, the lyrics is simple, really simple, but sounds very good too, i acept if somebody says “an american copy from Eastern Europe”, the clip and the flag of U.S.A makes that easy :p


Greece: the first time i listen sounds “wire” and i dont like, with the next listenings i start to apreciate,is repetitive but i like the music (the voice of the Singer is normal) and is a representative song, it sounds very “greek”.


Poland: a good pop choise from Rybak, sounds good but i like less than Slovenia and Romania.


India: the best indian song i remember from the contest, best even “Chalo Chalo” from the first contest i participate, combinate well the english with the bengali i presume its bengali (correct me if i am wrong), this song inspirate me optimism.


Malta: Im sure i listened this song in the past and thinked it is American, a good rock song from Glen “Robinson” (sory but your nickname remember me that NBA player)


Algeria: the polemic bestmen choose a metal song, i like the beginning and the end and anothers parts of the song but i hate when the singer scream, for that reason is here, in another case it will be more in the top.


Turkey (first reserve): a very underrated song for me, up-tempo song, exotic, very “turkish” and intensive all the time, for a very few dont enter in the top.


Estonia (second reserve): a lovely song, with good voices from both singers (specially the women), is the first time i listen the estonian language, for my girlfriend this is the best song of the contest, i hope we continue having Estonia in the contest.




Iran: its a quiet song, perfect to be “background music”, not bad but not good to be in the top, is a less level song than the song of the first Iran contest.


Spain: i dont like Enrique Iglesias but probably this is one of his best songs, it will be dificult for him to be in my top 12.


U.S.A: a typical american pop music song from a country which have really great music, its close of my top 12, it has a funny clip for me.:p


Colombia: a song i never like too much and i listened many times, i must explain  the “easy joke” it has about fascism in some ocations.


Brazil: a too simple song from our neighbors for me, i normaly prefer their songs in their language and more similars to their type of music.


Uruguay: another too simple song from our another neighbors, for me they have a lot better music than the music of Ruben Rada and his candombe, i understand if she wants to show something typical of her country.


Serbia: a country from i listen many good songs, in this case it was too common, not bad or not good, some parts remembers me songs of Worlds Cups or Olympics Games, it was close of my top.


Lithuania: an interesting bet from Werloc, knowing that he probably cant win with this song, the first times i listening not only i not like it, i hate it, in fact the lawyer of the next office of mine sayed in some ocation: “please, shut down that song, is terrible” and he never did something like that before, another friend of mine who know a lot of music listen all of them with me, when he listened this songs his face change, he turns too serius suddenly, i aks him: what happen?, and he said to me “only for connoisseurs”, and after that sayed: this songs probably only like to people who are very interested in music and like this style, the rest of the people probably dont like it, he search info from the band, a video of the recitals and things like that, i dont see him do that before, he explain me what is this style, things like Soda Stereo apears after for this kind of bands, etc.
I dont vote it but its not a bad song at all, i understand Intoronto or another people who hate it, i hate it the first listenings like i sayed.




Slovakia: im not a fan of ska and its sounds discordinated between the music and the lyrics, i dont like it from the beginning.


Great Britain: from a country of great music i listen this chorus (im not very interested in them) and it was a automatical deception, one of the firsts songs i discard.


Canada: the same of Great Britain but with a song i listened many times and dont like, another easy discard.


Mexico: its not a good rock song for music, song and dont understand well the lyrcis dont knowing what is “Pachuco”, i will google it.


Indonesia: my girlfriend love it and i hate it, a too slow romantic sound, in this case (dont happen to me in anothers songs), the language sounds wire too.


Denmark: good voice and music but TOO slow for my taste.


Netherlands: Im not very romantic (my girlfriend recriminate me that) and this songs  name  is“i love you more”….it was complicated with me from the beginning, a few times in my life i listen something more romantic than this, it is a too a very quiet song.


Bulgaria: from a country i have expectation and remember some good songs of the past, this year is bad, i dont like this song from the first time i listened and never change my mind, is it gypsy?


Tunisia: it seems a song from the opening of a arabian novel (and the clip dont help nothing in that perception), not bad but it is too far to be in my top 12.


Italy: in all the contest i only see one song that seems to me “too Little serious” to be in the contest and it was the Colombian song “Te quiero Mucho” of Naty Botero, that song was the last in that contest and dont surprise me that at all.
The first time i see the clip and listen the italian song……..i cant believe it, i think: what the fuck was that?, is this a joke?, and for that reason i talk about a “joke song”, i dont know why you choose thins songs italians but i dont understand with all the good music you have.


My face with the italian song: 






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The Danish song was my first reserve this year and I just want to say that it brought me a lot of joy as it reminded me of an episode of my favourite Irish comedy of mid-90s. So I want to say thank you to @Agger to bring back good memories :d

The comedy is about a group of priests who live on a remote island off Ireland and are involved in bizarre situations. In this episode the priests compete against another set of priests from another island for the right to represent Ireland at Eurovision. The intro of the Danish song reminded me of the song from one of the group of you can compare and see if you see the resemblance :d





Go to time 17:22 on this video to see the song I mean.....



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43 minutes ago, konig said:

Estonia (second reserve): a lovely song, with good voices from both singers (specially the women), is the first time i listen the estonian language, for my girlfriend this is the best song of the contest, i hope we continue having Estonia in the contest.


She has great musical tastes then :d I totally agree with her :d 

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50 minutes ago, Bohemia said:


She has great musical tastes then :d I totally agree with her :d 

She says thanks and the same of your taste, she cant believe the low position of Estonia, "at least the french jury vote well" sayed.

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Just now, konig said:

She says thanks and the same of your taste, she cant believe the low position of Estonia, "at least the french jury vote well" sayed.


Well, half of the French jury, since the other member of the jury didn't vote for Estonia sadly :( 

Thank you konig's girlfriend :d 

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