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Ski Jumping at the FIS Nordic Skiing World Championships 2017

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Men's Individual Normal Hill
Final Results


AUT.gif KRAFT Stefan





Stefan Kraft is World Champion



Stefan Kraft was the best in an exciting final on the normal hill at the WSC in Lahti: With a total of 270.8 points and jumps of 99.5 m and 98 m he won ahead of the two Germans Andreas Wellinger (96.5 m / 100 m; 268.7 points) and Markus Eisenbichler (95 m / 100.5 m; 263.6 points). Overall World Cup leader and hill record holder Kamil Stoch (POL) finished fourth and missed the podium by only 1.1 points.


At the last World Championships two years ago in Falun (SWE), Stefan Kraft came in third behind Rune Velta (NOR), who has already ended his career, and Severin Freund (GER), who is currently sidelined with a knee injury. Now the second in the overall World Cup celebrated the win on the normal hill in Lahti and took the first medal for Austria at these Championships - and it was the golden one. "This is great, it was a dream come true", said the 23-year-old from Salzburg. With this triumph he followed in the footsteps of Thomas Morgenstern, who was the last Austrian normal hill World Champion in 2011, and of his coach Heinz Kuttin, who took gold on the normal hill in Val di Fiemme 1991. "These were different times", the coach said and praised his athlete: "I'm happy that he took this big win. It was a fantastic final, also because of the two Germans and their 100 m jumps."


Eisenbichler surprised

Markus Eisenbichler, who dominated in training and skipped the qualification, was sixth after the first round and with his second jump he kicked-off the grand final. The 25-year-old Bavarian, actually known to be a good ski flyer, landed at 100.5 m and took the lead. He remained in this position until his teammate Andreas Wellinger landed his jump exactly on the hill size of 100 m. This was the challenge for Stefan Kraft, who had a lead of 4.3 points after the first round. "I saw Andi's jump on the big screen", said the Austrian, who jumped on 98 m and got five times 19.0 from the judges. With this performance he came in 2.1 points ahead of Wellinger, who was in the podium in the last seven World Cup competitions. "I was just focusing on my jumps", Wellinger said about his final jump. "I wanted to make a good second jump and I just did what I can", said Eisenbichler, who achieved is first podium result in the World Cup this season in Lillehammer. "It's just great that I was able to achieve my second podium finish here at the WSC. It's overwhelming. I never expected to win a medal."


Four Austrian coaches in the Top Ten

"This was a great competiton of my boys", said German head coach Werner Schuster, who had another athlete in the Top 10 with Richard Freitag in ninth. Stephan Leyhe was not far behind in 13th. Schuster is one of four Austrian coaches with athletes in the Top 10 today.


Heinz Kuttin had the gold medalist Stefan Kraft and Michael Hayboeck in sixth, Stefan Horngacher's Polish team closely missed the medals. World Cup leader Kamil Stoch didn't have a very good first jump with 96.5 m and so the 4-Hills-Tournament winner, who jumped on 99 m in the final, was not able to take a medal. "This was definitely not my best competition, but it was a competition on a very high level under fair conditions and with a great atmosphere. It was tough to achieve a good result", said a slightly disappointed Kamil Stoch. The second best Polish athlete was Maciej Kot in fith. "The result is good, but I wanted more. My goal was to win a medal", said Kot. The fourth Austrian coach with at least one Top 10 jumper was Alex Stoeckl. His best athlete was Johann Andre Forfang in seventh.


Peter Prevc only eleventh

Despite his positive trend in the recent competitions, last season's dominator Peter Prevc, third at the WSC 2013, finished only eleventh.


The Slovene, who won the first competition in Sapporo, was the best of his team. His younger brother Domen, currently fourth in the overall World Cup, missed the final round in 34th. Three big names, who already won medals in normal hill events at WSC, could not keep up with the best this time. Four-time Olympic Champion Simon Ammann, who won silver (2007) and bronze (2009) at WSC, came in 21st today. With this result he was only the second-best of the Swiss team. His teammate Kilian Peier was 18th. Record World Cup winner Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT) was 24th, but the silver medalist of 2009 and 2013 is on his way back after a knee injury. Last but not least: 39-year-old Janne Ahonen, bronze medalist 2005, was 25th and the best Finn ahead of his 13 years younger teammate Ville Larinto.



Full Results Here


Stefan Kraft

Normal Hill 2017 World Champion



Race Replay

1st Round


2nd Round




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Mixed Team Normal Hill
Non-Olympic Event
Final Results


GER.gif Germany
VOGT Carina98.0+95.0
EISENBICHLER Markus95.5+99.5
WUERTH Svenja95.0+95.5
WELLINGER Andreas99.0+98.0



AUT.gif Austria
IRASCHKO-STOLZ Daniela88.5+90.5
HAYBOECK Michael92.0+97.5
SEIFRIEDSBERGER Jacqueline94.5+82.5
KRAFT Stefan96.5+97.0



JPN.gif Japan
TAKANASHI Sara90.0+89.5
TAKEUCHI Taku89.0+92.0
ITO Yuki95.0+93.5
ITO Daiki92.5+96.5


Germany dominant in mixed team event




Defending champion Germany, with individual World Champion Carina Vogt, bronze medalist Markus Eisenbichler, Svenja Wuerth and indivdiual silver medalist Andreas Wellinger, took a clear win in the mixed team competition on the normal hill with a total of 1035.5 points. Austria, represented by Daniela Iraschko-Stolz, Michael Hayboeck, Jacqueline Seifriedsberger and individual World Champion Stefan Kraft, came in second 36.2 points behind the winners. Japan (Sara Takanashi, Taku Takeuchi, Yuki Ito, Daiki Ito) finished third with 979.9 points. The Norwegians, who won silver two years ago in Falun, came in only fifth.


Germany laid the foundation for this triumph already in the first round under constant snow fall. The team of the head coaches Andreas Bauer and Werner Schuster already had a lead of 17.9 points over Austria and 26.4 points over Japan. With Slovenia (4th) and Norway (5th), the top five positions were already clear after the first half of the competition, there were no changes in the final round.


Carina Vogt always on the team

Germany already won the third medal in the third editions of a mixed team event at WSC. After bronze in Val di Fiemme (ITA) 2013 and gold in Falun, they now defended the title in Finland. Carina Vogt, who won her second gold medal today after she already won the individual event on the normal hill in Lahti, was on the team at all three WSC. Markus Eisenbichler, Svenja Wuerth and Andreas Wellinger won their first gold. "The medal is very important for me, one doesn't become World Champion every day", said the 21-year-old from Ruhpolding. And Eisenbichler especially praised Carina Vogt. "Carina is always top at these big events. That's remarkable." The Olympic and World Champion then praised her teammate Eisenbichler. "He is always in a good mood and brings a good spirit to the team." The good performance of the German team was completed by Svenja Wuerth, who was sixth in the individual competition. "This title is amazing, it has to sick in now", said the 23-year-old from Baiersbron. "I lost some points at the landing in both rounds." The two coaches of the German athletes were more than happy. "I never thought that we would take such a clear win", said Werner Schuster. "Carina did a great job, but so did the others. Everyone showed a top performance." Ladies' head coach Andreas Bauer could hardly find words: "This is incredible, amazing."


Same team as in Falun

With winning the silver medal today, the Austrians, who also won silver in Val di Fiemme, could make amends for the fourth place in Falun - and that with the exact same team. "At the last WSC we were en route to the medal, but at the end Japan was a bit stronger", said men's head coach Heinz Kuttin. "Everyone showed good jumps today, but they weren't very good." Especially Daniela Iraschko-Stolz and Michael Hayboeck, who jumped in the first two groups, lost too much ground compared to the Germans. Jacqueline Seifriedsberger, who was competing in all three mixed team events at WSC, was the best in her group in both rounds, Stefan Kraft scored 3.2 points less than Andreas Wellinger.


Japan men not good enough

Four years ago Japan won WSC gold, now it was bronze - like in Falun, when Noriaki Kasai was on the team instead of Daiki Ito. Overall World Cup champion Sara Takanashi was behind Carina Vogt in both rounds, Yuki Ito was 0.2 points behind Seifriedsberger in the first round, in the final round of the best eight teams she was the best of her group. Taku Takeuchi and Daiki Ito could not keep up with the best.


But their performances were still enough to finish ahead of Slovenia and Norway. For Slovenia, the ladies Nika Kriznar and Ema Klinec didn't jump far enough, like Peter Prevc who had a bad first jump with only 88 m. Anze Lanisek on the other hand, showed two good jumps with 93.5 m and 96.5 m.


Norway never had a chance to fight for the medals, Silje Opseth already lost too much ground in the first group. But also Maren Lundby, fourth in the individual event, and Daniel Andre Tande (15th in the individual) could meet the expectations. Johann Andre Forfang had some health problems right before the competiton and was replaced by Andreas Stjernen. 


The Czech missed the qualify for the final in ninth, 0.5 points behind the USA. Finland (11th), with Ville Larinto and Janne Ahonen, also failed to qualify for the second round. 




Full Results Here


Germany (Vogt, Eisenbichler, Wuerth, Wellinger)

2017 Mixed Teams Normal Hill World Champion

Last 3 Jumps


Race Replay

1st Round


2nd Round



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Antti Aalto provides success for Finland



Local hero Antti Aalto surprisingly won the qualification for the individual competition on the large hill at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Lahti (FIN).


The 21-year-old had the longest jump on Wednesday evening with 128.5 m and secured the first place with his total of 123.4 points. Andreas Stjernen of Norway came in second with 125 m and 121.8 points. The third place went to Daiki Ito of Japan, who scored 116.3 points with his jump on 121.5 m.


Newly crowned Junior World Champion Viktor Polasek of the Czech Republic showed a convincing performance in fourth with 119.5 m, Swiss Simon Ammann can also be more than satisfied with his fifth place. The four-time Olympic Champion posted a jump of 124.5 m, but due to the lower judges' marks he came in behind the Top 3 today.


Very good performance of the Finnish team


Jarkko Maeaettae and Ville Larinto in sixth and seventh made it a very successful day for the hosting team of Finland. Janne Ahonen also had no problems to qualify in 16th and so Finland will be represented by a complete team of four in the competition tomorrow.


With Tomas Vancura in eighth a second young Czech jumper made the Top 10, that were completed by Noriaki Kasai and Dawid Kubacki, who tied for ninth.


Success for Swiss and Americans


It was a very good qualification day for the teams of Switzerland and the USA, who will also have all four of their athletes competing on Thursday evening. Besides Simon Ammann, also Kilian Peier could achieve a good result for Switzerland today in 13th, best US American athlete was Michael Glasder on a good 14th place.


The two Estonians Kaarel Nurmsalu and Martti Nomme also qualified for the competition, Czech Roman Koudelka, on the other hand, landed already at 98 m and failed to make the cut.


Best jumper of the already pre-qualified athletes was Peter Prevc with 127.5 m. The Slovene already ahd the longest jump in today's trial round with 125.5 m and is definitely in the shape to fight for a medal. Besides Peter Prevc, Manuel Fettner and Piotr Zyla, both with 121.5 m, were the only other athletes of this top group to jump over the 120 m mark.




Full Qualification Results Here


Race Replay



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