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Wrestling UWW European Olympic Games Qualifier 2021


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48 minutes ago, Vektor said:

I just noticed that we have 3 :HUN v :BUL QFs, this should be interesting,  @Federer91:d


I will be happy as long as Korpási survives the round. 

1:1 for now :d Korpasi had the easiest match. I expect him to win against Dimitrov every time, he is on another level, even though there was a slight pinfall scare. I hope he gets the quota now, so we won't have him in Sofia.

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2 minutes ago, Federer91 said:

Angelov, Angelov you should have left the youngster Nazaryan take his chance. I know you are team captain and have greta desire, but at 36 your time is in the past..

Will he try again in Sofia or will the Bulgarian team change their minds? 

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GR 130 is a bit ridiculous and it kinda always has been, right? Every point scored from an action feels like a miracle. :d


Anyway, our GR wrestlers are delivering after the embarrassment of the previous two days, we got 3 quota chances in the end. Korpási must be our best chance, I think both Torba and Varga need a smaller miracle against Kamal and Semenov. 

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so we know the name of 24 semifinalists


here is my summary about the first session today


60: :TUR Kamal vs :HUN Turba //// :GER Kinsinger vs :AZE Mammadov

one chance in parterre was enough for Kamal to score 9 pts and beat his toughest opponent Ciobanu, he will face Turba in the SF, Kamal will be the favorite but I think Turba will have his chance if he defends that parterre. he also beat two big names to reach here.

I don't know anything about this German guy, he had an easy draw and was impressive against Lizatovic. on other hand while the whole Azerbaijan squad was disappointing Mammadov did great against European Champion Gharibyan. he will the huge favorite here but nothing is impossible in Greco.


67: :HUN Korpasi vs :MDA Islamov //// :GEO Zoidze vs :ARM Galstyan

Korpasi won his early final convinsingly against the European Champion from Norway, he will be the huge favorite here. but Islamov is kind of a fighter. interestingly Korpasi had to cut from 72 while Islamov had to gain weight from 63kg to meet here !

bottom half was quite a battle. Glastyan won a big match against Dadov. a very controversial one. first he received a bad call (IMO) but then destroyed the Azeri 14-6. I think he used the leg at first before collecting all these points but that doesn't matter anymore. Zoidze was OK but almost lost to Ukraine. it will be a close match.


77: :CRO Starcevic vs :CZE Varga //// :BUL Mnatsakanian vs :RUS Chekhirkin

huge huge chance for Croatia. Starcevic did great by holding off Suleymanov beating 1-1 (on cautions per that stupid rule I talked about) I don't know much about Varga. I think Starcevic will win the quota.

Chekhirkin gave Russian coaches heart attack so many times today but he is here in the SF after so many close wins. before today I would say Mnatsakanian has no chance against him but he was also very good today. still this will be uphill task against Russia.

Nemes master plan was working well against Chekhirkin for a 1-1 win but an early pushout in the 2nd period ruined everything. kind of surprising I never saw Nemes leaving the mat like that.


87: :GEO Gobadze vs :RUS Alirzaev //// :SUI Betschart vs :AZE Abbasov

Gobadze beat two big names in two tough battles to face Alirzaev in the SF. Alirzaev was shaky today. almost lost to Datunashvili and struggled even against the Italian guy. both guys can score big in parterre. hard to predict. I really like Gobadze's reverse headlock, if that works he can beat anybody in the world.

who is this Switzerland guy ? :p I think Abbasov already has the quota but then this is Greco. everything is possible. Abbasov was losing to Aleksandrov (the only decent wrestler in his bracket) but a late caution helped him to score two gut-wrenches for the win.


97: :ITA Kakhelashvili vs :FIN Savolainen //// :BUL Milov vs :CZE Omarov

Kakhelashvili was strong like a tank today winning two tough matches but this Finnish kid is no joke. I knew about his talent for a long time. I still expect Nikoloz to win this one but one mistake and Savolainen will score big on him.

Milov had a close match with Szoke which I think was his real final (semifinal actually) but Omarov isn't that bad and is capable of doing something here. he was losing to the Russian wrestler of Azerbaijan but scored a takedown in the very last second to keep his hopes alive.


130: :LTU Knystautas vs :POL Krajewski //// :HUN Varga vs :RUS Semenov

golden opportunity for Lithuania and Poland to qualify. 130kg usually comes to one gut-wrench or one pushout ! the Azeri guy in top half didn't show up (probably overweight) and Romanian top seed also lost to that "one gut wrench" Krajewski showed some throwing techniques but the Lithuanian wrestler was also big and strong. I just hope it doesn't finish 1-1. someone has to score to deserves winning the quota.

well I wasn't expecting anybody to even giggle Semenov and Varga is no exception. Semenov most probably will beat him easily. he is just in another level. the only way to beat him is to make him tire early. sometimes he gasses badly. I don't think Varga is capable of that.

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