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[OFF TOPIC] Quiz Thread

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5 hours ago, Quasit said:

Time for some quiz again. I'll start my second season this Saturday (10th). It'll be open for anyone interested again, being contestant as well as part of the expert/team lifeline.


Setting a date with someone is not required this time. We'll play on a "first come, first serve" basis with those who are there on a given time. More about that later.


@Olympian1010 @mrv86 @dcro

I'm in.

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As promised, I offer some quiz tonight. The second edition is on and open to all who have played before as well. :d


We still have a couple of minutes left and we need a player.

As I announced last time, it's first come, first serve. It's quite simple. I'll simply give a signal that we need a player and the first person who wants to play to reply gets into the hot seat. So it's just like a "fastest fingers first" just without the question.


This is not yet the signalling post though, just a heads up. I'll wait for a couple of minutes and then we'll start.

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1 minute ago, hckošice said:

at least somewhere we are first :p


now just not bomb out...

Awesome. ;)


Obviously, you are the first to play for a second time so you know how it works!


I need you to tell me if you want to go for 3 lifelines and safety net, just as last time or play with 4.

Also, something new this time: You kinda create your own luck as you get to choose a random stack. Just give me a number between 1 and 5 and you will go for one of five prepared stacks!

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