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[OFF TOPIC] Quiz Thread

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[LOGO]   I thought it would be nice to have a thread for anything quiz-related as some people seem interested into quizzing. You can do your own quizzes here or share other quizzes acro

I am also currently working on a Millionaire-based quiz for those who are interested. Not sure when exactly but I may possibly arrange my first quiz night next week, before 2021.    

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Hello Totallympics and Happy New Year!


Tonight, around 8-9 pm CET, we will start our first runs with @mrv86, followed by @Vojthas.

For those who want to get involved, there is still time to support @Olympian1010and become part of the audience/expert lifeline to help contestants on specific questions.

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It is soon time for our first quiz night and the first contestants are on their way!


So, what will happen? Well, I don't know. Anything can happen. :d

What's certain is, we will play a stack of questions in "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" format. That means a maximum of 15 questions, objectively and subjectively going from easy to difficult and specific. You receive a question with 4 choices. Only one of them is the right answer. Contestants can at any time give an answer, drop out with the amounts of points won (yes, simply points) or use a lifeline if they need help answering a question. More into that once we start our first game.


Questions were made by me, for the most part, but we will also have questions by @OlympicIRL. A small panel below the question will show if it was a question by OlympicIRL. He also looked through every single question I made, which is why he can't be part of the expert team as a lifeline.


Now, without further ado, let's get ready for our first contestant. And he's from Mexico, welcome mrv86!





  ♦                                                      ♦  

:MEX Mexico




@mrv86 Let me know whenever you are ready. 


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Just now, Quasit said:

Awesome. No problem at all.


As a lawyer I assume you had to give advice to someone just now? ;) 

Well, something like a legal advice, but more on a personal note.


I'm ready

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Just now, mrv86 said:

Well, something like a legal advice, but more on a personal note.


I'm ready

Alright then but before we must do something.

I will offer two way of playing this, just like in some countries the actual show does the same. You can either choose the classic way of playing. That means 3 lifelines and safety after Q5 and Q10. You can also go a bit riskier and go for 4 lifelines but the downside is, the safety net after Q10 won't exist.


50:50 Expert Switch Team


15        Pts. 1 Million
14        Pts. 500,000
13        Pts. 250,000
12        Pts. 125,000
11        Pts. 64,000
10        Pts. 32,000
9        Pts. 16,000
8        Pts. 8,000
7        Pts. 4,000
6        Pts. 2,000
5        Pts. 1,000
4        Pts. 500
3        Pts. 300
2        Pts. 200
1        Pts. 100

You can choose 50:50, Expert and Switch regardless. 50:50 will eliminate two incorrect choices. The "Expert" here will be @Olympian1010. You can ask him on a question if you're not sure. Switch means you can switch for a different question.

Team was originally supposed as an "extended expert" but as we only have Olympian today, he will be the expert twice for you if you want to go for the riskier way. That is now up to you.

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