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Men's Ice Hockey NHL 2020 - 2021


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44 minutes ago, hckošice said:

2nd Stanley Cup for Erik "Drago" Černák. :clap:


and first ever slovak to win the holy grail back to back in two consecutive seasons.


and now first Košice born player to win 2 SC.


List of Slovak NHL winners

3 - Marián Hossa (2010, 2013, 2015),

2 - Erik Černák (2020, 2021) and Tomáš Kopecký (2008, 2010),

1 - Stan Mikita (1961), Jiří Bicek (2003), Martin Cibák (2004), Miroslav Šatan (2009), Zdeno Chára (2011), Michal Handzuš (2013), Marián Gáborík (2014)


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nice season despite the pandemic troubles...


I didn't appreciate too much the "new" RS divisions, or, rather, the games being played within each team's division only (definitely, I can't stand the same match 8 or 9 times already during the RS and I missed the East vs West games, as well)...


but in the end, the playoffs had some very entertaining series and some quite surprising results...


the Finals were not so exciting, because it was clear since game #1 that Tampa is on another level than Montreal, but still we saw some better hockey overall if compared to last year's (despite the score was closer last season)...


now, as usual, I'm a bit depressed as the hockey season is over...:nopompom:


but fortunately in 2 weeks time the Olympic Games start and it will make it easier to get to September and the new Hockey season (can't wait already for the next KHL season to open my personal campaign :lol:)...

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Seattle Kraken expansion draft is tonight


Several teams already scared as hell, they will pickk some of their jewels they could not protect. well, except Vegas :p


Seattle can select only one player from each team (except Vegas)


Full List of available players


Tampa protected Černák :wub:



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bot sure which strategy Seattle would use, but if it was my choice, I'd go for a immediate hunt for the cup (without any fear to invest most of the salary cap on expensive veterans)...


there are so many top class players available that would be senseless going only for a bunch of youngsters looking at a future that could never come...


I mean, Rask (goalie), Giordano, Edler (D), Landeskog, Tarasenko, Killorn (or Coleman), Danault (F)...just to name 6 or 7 players that could make a team dream of the top of the rankings...

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